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  Marwan Yehya Formulation & Clinical Study of Diclofenac Sodium & Indomethacin as an Oral Modififled Release Tablets ====== ====== 2003 M.Sc. Pharmaceutics
  Raghad Abdul_Wahab Fate of Different Funyal Spores in two Tablets Formulations ====== ====== === MSc. Clinical Pharmacy
  Suhad Sami Phytochemical Investigation of Suaeda baccata Chenopodiaeceue ====== ====== 2003 MS.c Pharmacognosy
  Tagreed Mohammed Factors Effecting Production of Opium Alkaloid from Paparer  Somniferam by Plant Tissue Culture Technique in Iraq ====== ====== 2003 Ph.D Pharmacognosy
  Maath Q. Mallokey Synthesis of Some Cyclic Amines Linked to Metronidazole ===== ====== === M.Sc. Pharmaceutical Chemistry
  Khalid Abdulla Investigation of the Alkaloids of two Ephedera Sp. Wildly Growen In Iraq ====== ====== 2003 MS.c Pharmacognosy
  Nadya Ghassan The Role of Interleukin & Interferon –Y in the Imminopathogenesis Grave’s Diseases In Iraq Patients ====== ====== === MSc. Clinical Chemistry
  Masar Basim Sarhan Formulation & Evaluation as a Topical Preparation ====== ====== 2004 M.Sc. Pharmaceutics
  Adheed Khalid Synthesis of New B- Lactam Derivatives of Potential Antimicrobial Activity ===== ====== === M.Sc. Pharmaceutical Chemistry
  Faisel Tawfeq Investagation of Drug – Excipient Interaction Phenom ena in Relation to Enhan Cement of Iranselermal Drug Delivery ====== ====== 2004 Ph.D. Pharmaceutics
  Sajda Hussain Dose-Dependent Hypolipidemie Effects of Melatonin in Dyslipidemia Associated with Diabetes ====== ====== 2004 Ph.D. Pharmacology
  Sadik A. Sarhan Synthesis & Evaluation of Novel Non Steroidal Anti Inflammatory Agents with Selective Potential Cox-2 Inhibition Preparation ===== ====== === Ph.D Pharmaceutical Chemistry
  Manal M. Younes Formulation & Clinical Evaluation of Norfloxacin Eye Drop ====== ====== === MSc. Clinical Pharmacy
  Salam Waheed Fate of Different Eungal Spores in Preserved Multivitamins Tablets ====== ====== === MSc. Clinical Chemistry
  Muhanad Salah OsteoaarthrThe Effect of Vitamin (E)an Lipid Profile in Patients with Different Cardiova Sculor Diseases Comparative Study with Statin ====== ====== === MSc. Clinical Chemistry
  Mou’taz Shakir Evaluation of the Role of Metfrominon some Cardiovascular Risk Factors in Type II Diabetic & Ischemic Heart Disease Iraqi Patients ====== ====== === MSc. Clinical Pharmacy
  Bazigha Kadum Synthesis of New Analgesic Peptides Analogue Loaded to Chitosan Nonopaticles as an Oral Delivery System ====== ====== 2004 Ph.D. Pharmaceutics
  Ahmed Mohammed T. Evaluation of the Effectivness of Colchicine Ointments in the Treatment of psoriasis Valgaris ====== ====== === MS.c. Pharmacology
  Hassenein Kamal Pre –Operative Prophylaxis with sigle Oral Dose of Ciprofloxacin & Tinidazole in Abdominal Gynecologic Surgery ====== ====== === MS.c. Pharmacology
  Ihab AbdallWahab Evaluation of Clinical Efficacy Satety of Rotecoxib & Piroxicam using Knee Injury & Osteoarthtitis Outcome Score ====== ====== === MS.c. Pharmacology
  Samir Najah Synthesis & Structural Modifications of some Paracftamol Derivatives ===== ====== === M.Sc. Pharmaceutical Chemistry
  Wasan Abdul Karim The Effect of Age Menopause & Clodronate on Ostesoporosis ====== ====== === MSc. Clinical Chemistry
  Al-Shawi, Nada Naji Study of the Cytoprotective  effects of Silymarin agaist –Induced Toxicity in Rats ====== ====== 2004 PH.D Pharmacology
  Hala Talal S. Formulation of Naproxen as a suspension Dosage Form ====== ====== 2005 MS.c. Pharmaceutics
  Yaser Es.deen Formulation & Preliminary clinical study of Ciprofloxach as topically in treatment of acne Valyaris ====== ====== === MSc. Clinical Chemistry
  Sarmad Hashim Effect of Non-Steroidal Anti –Inflammatory Drugs on the Glycenic Control & Complication in Poorly Controlled Type II Diabetic Patients ====== ====== 2005 MS.c. Pharmacology
  Lubna Abdul-K Factors Affecting Formulation of Rifampicin

 as an Oral Dosage Form

====== ====== 2005 MS.c. Pharmaceutics
  Ashwaq Najjem Elldin Evaluation of Oxidative Stress Indicators in Iymphocytes of Patients with Alopecia Areata ====== ====== === Ph.D. Clinical Pharmacy
  Dhia’a Jabbar Assessment of Iraq Pharmacist Patients Relationship to Measure Aptient Compliance ====== ====== === MSc. Clinical Pharmacy
  Khlood Majeed Evaluation of Melatonin in the Management of Experimentally Induced Infected Lesions in the Skin & Oral Cavity of Rabbits as Immunomodulation ====== ====== === Ph.D. Pharmacology
  Mohammed Hassan In-Vitro Bioequivalency Tests as a Surrogate for In-Vitro Method and in the Development of New HPLC Assay Procedures ====== ====== 2005 MS.c. Pharmaceutics
  Dina Wadie Ameen Formulation of Frusemide as a Solution for IV & IM Injection ====== ====== 2005 MS.c. Pharmaceutics
  Salam Mohammed Studying the Possibility of the In Vitro Evaluation of Drug as a Guide for In Vitro Availability of the Drug with Development of a new HPLC Condition For Analysis ====== ====== 2005 MS.c. Pharmaceutics
  Haitham Mahmood Effects of Melatonin & Zinc on Glycemic Control & Related Renal Complication in Type 2 Diabetic Patients Poorly Cintrolled by Metformin ====== ====== === MS.c. Pharmacology
  Mona abid Almuhsan The Levels of Liptin Hormone in Gestational Diabetes Mellitus & in Normal Pregnancy Comparative Study ====== ====== === MSc. Clinical Chemistry
  Mothna Saadi Synthesis of New Opioid Peptide Analogues with Expected Biological Activity ===== ====== === M.Sc. Pharmaceutical Chemistry
  Amal Ajaweed Hepatoprotective Effect of Melatonin Against Chlopromazine- Induced Cholestasisin Rats ====== ====== === MS.c. Pharmacology
  Haider Majeed Mohammed Evalation of the Effect of Topically Applied Silybinin Hemisuccinate & Other Drugs on the Interoclar Pressure in Normotensive Rabbits ====== ====== === MS.c. Pharmacology
  Mouazer Salman Synthesis of Some Amino Acid , Di-& Tripeptides as Propargyl Ester Derivatives with Expected Biological Activity ===== ====== === M.Sc. Pharmaceutical Chemistry
  Munaf Hashim Protective Effects of Benfotidmine in the Experimentally – Induced Nephrotoxicity with Ciplution & Doxorubicin in Rabbits ====== ====== === MS.c. Pharmacology
  Ali Mohammed The Local Pharmacological Effect of the fixed oil of Lebbeck Tree Ointment in the Treatment of Psoriasis Valgaris ====== ====== === MS.c. Pharmacology
  Ahmed Hamed Effects of Pentoxifylline on Biochemical Profile & Oxidative Stress in Alloxan induced Diabetes in Rats ====== ====== === MS.c. Pharmacology
  Mohammed Dakil Evaluation of the Diureetic Effect of the Alcoholic Extract Trigonella Foenumgraecum Seeds in Rabbits ====== ====== === MSc. Clinical Chemistry
  Ahmed Najem Abood Microincapsulation of Naproxen by Complex Coacervation & Aqueous Dispersion Methods ====== ====== 2005 MS.c. Pharmaceutics
  Hayder Kadum Microincapsulation of Tindazole as Oral Dosage Form ====== ====== 2005 MS.c. Pharmaceutics
  Ali Muaffaq Said The Hepatoprotective Activity of Fenugreek seeds Extracts Against Carbon Tetrchloride-Incluced Lever Toxicity in Rats ====== ====== === MS.c. Pharmacology
  Ali Aziz Ali Sex hormones Levels Renal & Liver Function Tsests after lead exposure for Female Workers in Batteries Manufacturing Plants ====== ====== === MSc. Clinical Pharmacy
  Ghassan Zuher Formulation of Mebeverine HCL as an Oral Modified Release Colon Targeted Tablets Dosage Form ====== ====== 2005 MS.c. Pharmaceutics
  Saif Hikmet Formulation of Dil Tiazen Hydrochloride as a Bilayer Mucoadhesive Sustained Release Tablets ====== ====== 2005 MS.c. Pharmaceutics
  Serwe Ali Kanber Formulation of Ciproflexin Hydrochloride as a Solution Fo I-V Infusion ====== ====== 2005 MS.c. Pharmaceutics
  Mohaned Naji Design & In Vitro Evaluation Prednisolone Tablets as a Potential Colon Delivery System ====== ====== 2006 MS.c. Pharmaceutics
  Mohammed Mahmood The Effects of Topical & Oral Melatonin In Management of Melasma Patients ====== ====== === MSc. Clinical Pharmacy
  Solham Mohammed Effects of intravenous Iidcaine on the Hart Rate after endtrached intubation through anaesthesia in Praventiay Arrhythmin ====== ====== 2006 MSc. Clinical Pharmacy
  Aseel Hanna Borzan Synthesis Conformational Study of New Opioid Peptdi Aralogues with Expected Biological Activity ===== ====== === M.Sc. Pharmaceutical Chemistry
  Samir Abbas Synthesis of New Sulfonamide Derivatives with Expected Antibacterial Activity ===== ====== === M.Sc. Pharmaceutical Chemistry
  Adil Abdul_Sahib Evaluation of the Rote of Interleukein-2 & Interleukein-4 In Immunopathgenesis of Steroid Resisting & Responding Iraqi Pateints with Asthma ====== ====== === MSc. Clinical Chemistry
  Ahmed Abbas Hussien Preparation & Characterization of Biolegradable Microspheres as Modified Release System For Antimicrobial Decapeptide ====== ====== 2006 Ph.D. Pharmaceutics
  Huda Saaran Production of Cardiac Glycosides from Digitalis Purpurea (var-Dwarf foxy mixed) by using tissue Culture Technique ====== ====== 2006 MS.c Pharmacognosy
  Ara Adgar Ohan Phytochemical Investigation of Steroidal Sapoyenin of Tamus communis Wildly Grown In Iraq ====== ====== === MS.c Pharmacognosy
  Omer Ahmed Abbas Screening of Bergaten & Xanthotoxin from Fruits of some Cultivated Plants in Iraq ====== ====== === MS.c Pharmacognosy
  Abather Abdul- Kareem Floating Drug Delivery Systems using Metroniazole Drug ====== ====== 2006 MS.c Pharmaceutics
  Intesar Tarik Numan Evaluation of the Clinical use of Silymarin in in Knee Osteeoarthritis: Application of the Dual Inhibitory Concept of Cyclooxyganase & 5-Lipoxygenenase ====== ====== === MS.c. Pharmacology
  Ban Hoshi Khalaf Effects of Melatonin & Zinc on Improving Glycemic Control & some Complications in Poorly Controlled Type I Diabetics Patients ====== ====== === MS.c. Pharmacology
  Abeer Hassan Formulation Of Metronidazole Rected Suppositories ====== ====== 2006 MS.c Pharmaceutics
  Saba H. Jaber Factors affecting Formulation of Ampicillin & Cloxacillin Suspension as an Oral Dosage Form ====== ====== 2006 MS.c Pharmaceutics
  Nohad A. Mohammed Synthesis & Characterization of New Pallodium (II) Platinum (II) & Platinum (IV) Cisplatnin Analogues with Biological , IIy active ligand nitrone Compounds as ligands & Study the Cytotoxic activity Against HEP-2 Cell Line ===== ====== === Ph.D. Pharmaceutical Chemistry
  Aida Krikor Formulation & Pharmacological Evaluation of a new Melatonin Preparation as Eye Drop for the Treatment of cataract in Animals ====== ====== 2006 Ph.D. Pharmaceutics
  Monther Faisel Synthesis & Preliminary Pharmacological Evaluation of New Non Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Agents ====== ====== 2006 Ph.D. Pharmaceutics
  Zahraa Mohammed Ali Effect of Glucosamine Sulfate done & In combination with Chondroit in Sulfate on some Cardiovascular Risk Factors in Woman with Knee Osteoarthritis ====== ====== 2006 MSc. Clinical Chemistry
  Kadum Ali Kadum The Study of Antiatherosclerotic Effect of  Candesartan , Antioxidant Vitamins (E&C) & their Combination in Rabbits with Induced Hyperch Olesterolemia ====== ====== 2006 MSc. Clinical Pharmacy
  Basma Zuhair The Release Study & Preliminary Clinical Evaluation of Ammoniated Mercury Incorporated in Ointment & Cream Bases ====== ====== 2006 MSc. Clinical Pharmacy
  Hilal Abdulla Younis The Effect of Insulin Sensitizing Agents (Metformine & in Rosiglitazone ) in Women with Polycystie Ovary Syndrome ====== ====== === Ph.D. Clinical Chemistry
  Jubran Khalil Hassan Possible Cardio protection Induced by Antioxidants (Allopurinol Vitamin E & Vitamin C)  in Patients with Supraventricular & Ventricular Arrhythmias Treated by Antiarrhythmic Drugs ====== ====== 2006 MSc. Clinical Pharmacy
  Bahir Abdull-Razzaq Hypolipidaemic Effect of Silymarin in Dyslipdaemia of Different Etiologies ====== ====== === MS.c. Pharmacology
  Rebaz Hama Gareeb Effect of β-Cyclodextrin on Dissolution & Mouse Skin Diffusion of Meloxicam From the Prepared Gel ====== ====== 2006 MS.c Pharmaceutics
  Uday Sajjad Aziz Preparation & In Vitro Evaluation of Chitosan Films for Transdermal Delivery of Propranolol HCL as a Model Drug ====== ====== 2006 MS.c Pharmaceutics
  Rasha Abdulatif Effects of Ficus Carical Leaves Aqueous Extract on Biochemical Profile & Oxidative Stress in Alloxan – Induced Diabetes in Rabbits ====== ====== === MS.c. Pharmacology
  Emil Louis Nicola Phytochemical & Biological Study of Flavonoids Present in the Fruits Peels of Some Citrus Species ====== ====== 2006 MS.c Pharmacognosy
  Ali R. Jasim Phytochemical & Biological Study of Capsella Burs a Pastoris Wildly Grown In Iraq ====== ====== === MS.c Pharmacognosy
  Mohammed Hassan Mohammed Synthesis of new 6-Mercaptopurine Derivatives as Prodrugs for Targeting Cancer Cells ===== ====== === Ph.D. Pharmaceutical Chemistry
  Ahmed Hashem Hussain Some Variables Affecting the Formulation of Pentoxifylline (PTX) as a Sustained Release Tablets Dosage Form ====== ====== === MS.c. Pharmaceutics
  Murtada Mutar Effect of Corneal Instillation of Sidenafil Citrate Solution on the Intra-Ocular Pressure in Noromotensive Rabbits : new Mechanistic Approach ====== ====== 2007 Ph.D. Pharmacology
  Naseer Hashim Dose-Dependent Radioprotective Effects of Silymarin in Whole Body γ-Irradiation in Mice ====== ====== === Ph.D. Pharmacology
  Raheem Jameel Mheesn Synthesize & Characterization of new Polymers with Evaluation of Biotechnical Activities ====== ====== === Ph.D. Pharmacology
  Anas Luay Synthesis of Analogue of β- Neoendorphin with an Expacted Enhanced Biological Activity ====== ========= === Ms.c Pharmaceutical Chemistry
  Sabah Jawad Synthesis of new Ester Derivatives  of Metronidazole as Possible Prodrugs ====== ========= === Ms.c Pharmaceutical Chemistry
  Thamer A. Amer Preparation & in Vitro Evaluation of Chitosan- Alginate Beads for Modified Release of Cephalexin ====== ========= === MS.c Pharmaceutics
  Mohammed Kamel Hadi Synthesis of new Acetylenic Nitrosourea Compounds as Potential Chemotherapeutics ====== ========= === Ms.c Pharmaceutical Chemistry
  Omer Saad Attia Synthesis of Possible Dipeptide Prodrugs of Sulfonamides with Expected Enhanced Oral Bioavailability ====== ========= === Ms.c Pharmaceutical Chemistry
  Muhanad Abdul-Satar New Conjugation Indomethacine with Glucosamine as possible Mutual Prodrug ====== ========= === Ms.c Pharmaceutical Chemistry
  Hala S. Yossif In Situ Gelling Formulation of Naproxen for Oral Sustained Delivery System ====== ========= === MS.c Pharmaceutics
  Firas Fadhel Advantages of using Clopidogrel Bisulfate in the Alleviation of Dyslipdemia & Oxidative Stress in Diabetic & non –Diabetic Nephropathic Patients ====== ======== === M.Sc. Clinical Chemistry
  Noor Najem Preparation of In –Sito Gelling Liquid Suppositories for Naproxen ====== ========= === Ms.c Pharmaceutical Chemistry
  Al-Muhaned Maher Effects of Abuse of Anabolic Androgenic Steroids on Iraqi Athlets ====== ========= === Ms.c Pharmaceutical Chemistry
  Zaynab Amjed Comparative Study between Candesartan Valsatran Alone & with Antioxidative Vitamins (Eorc) : Inrespect to Oxidative Stress Lipid Profile & Uric Acid Levels in Treatment of Patients with Essential Hypertension ====== ======== === M.Sc. Clinical Chemistry
  Shihab Hattab Study of the Hepatoprotective Effect of Amino Majus Seeds Extract I CCl4 – Induced Liver Toxicity in Rats ====== ======== 2007 M.Sc. Pharmacology
  Hussein Ali Hussein Synthesis of Novel N-4- Sulphonamide & Heteroaryl CIS –Endo – Bicyclo[3.2.2] Nona-2,8-Dien -4- on -6,7, Dicarboxymides with an Expected Antibacterial Activity ====== ========= === Ms.c Pharmaceutical Chemistry
  Kasim Mahmoud Dose – Dependent Anti Inflammatory Effects of Similarine in Experimental Animal Models of Acute & Chronic Inflammation ====== ======== === M.Sc. Pharmacology
  Samir Talib Phytochemical Investagation of some Poly Phennolic Compounds Present in the Leaves of Artichake Plant ( Cynara Scdymus) Cultivated in Iraq ====== ======== 2007 M.Sc. Pharmacognosy
  Wasan Falih The Effect of Lead on the Repoducive System of Woman Workers in Batteries Manfacturing Plants ====== ======== === M.Sc. Clinical Chemistry
  Amanj Ismail Single Daily Dose of Amino Glycosides in Comparison with Multiple Daily Dose in Iraq ====== ======== === M.Sc. Clinical pharmacy
  Muhanad Rajaa Some Variables Affecting the Penetration of Diclofenac Sodium Gel Through Rat Skin ====== ========= === MS.c Pharmaceutics
  Jameel Ismail Study of Hepatoprotective Effect of Pentoxifylline in CCl4 – Induced Liver Toxicity in Rats ====== ======== === M.Sc. Pharmacology
  Israa Hamid Preparation of Mycophenolic Acid Microspheres & its Release Study as Candidates for long Activity Subcutaneous Injection ====== ========= === Ph.D Pharmaceutics
  Leaqa Abdul-Redha Synthesis Chracterization & Evalution of Carbamazepine & Valproproic Acid Polymeric Adducts as Controlled Release Prodrugs ====== ========= === Ph.D Pharmaceutical Chemistry
  Aida Krikor Formulation & Pharmacological Evaluation of a new Melatonin Preparation as Eye Drop for the Treatment of Contract in Animals ====== ========= === Ph.D Pharmaceutics
  Rita Sabah Preparation of some Curumin Dervatives of Potential Biological Activity ====== ========= === Ph.D Pharmaceutical Chemistry
  Mustafa Gazi Saloom Prophylactic & Therapeutics, Effects of Different Doses of Melatonin in Lead- Induced Toxicity in Rats ====== ======== === Ph.D. Pharmacology
  Ahmed Ismil Synthesis of New Polymeric Anticancer Conjugates as possible Prodrugs ====== ========= 2007 Ph.D Pharmaceutical Chemistry
  Laith Hamza Samen Biogradable Microspheres as Modified Release System for Cyclosporine : Preparation, Chracerazation & Release ====== ========= === Ph.D Pharmaceutics
  Sattar Jabir Abood Role of Melatonin in the Response to Metformin Therapy in Women with Metbolic Syndrome ====== ======== === M.Sc. Pharmacology
  Hala S. Sadik In Situ Gelling Formulation of Naproxen for Oral Sustained Delivery System ====== ========= === MS.c Pharmaceutics
  Mohammed Ali  Hadi Modulation of some Carrdiovascular Risk Markers Induced by Cyclooxgenase-2 Inhibitors by Vitamin E or Low Dose Aspirin in Rheumatoid Arthritis or Osteoarthritis Patients ====== ========= === MS.c Pharmaceutics
  Kashkool, Anmar Hassan The Possible Protective Effects of Antioxidant Drugs (Vitamin E& C) Against the Toxicity of Doxorubicin in Breast Cancer Patients ====== ======== 2008 M.Sc. Pharmacology
  Al-Hajaj, Muqdad A. Mousa Preparation & In Vitro Evaluation of Prednisolone Conventional & Hollow-Type Suppositories ====== ========= === MS.c Pharmaceutics
  Al-Malki, Falah Hassan Role of Enzetimibe in Combination Statius (Simvastation & Atorvastatin ) in Controlling Dyslipidemia ====== ======== === M.Sc. Clinical Chemistry
  Al-Rikabi, Miatham Ali Abdul-Nabbi Possible Augmentive Effect of Antioxidant Vitamin C in Patients with Essential Hypertension Treated with Amlodipne or Enalapril ====== ======== === M.Sc. Clinical pharmacy
  Atia, Yaser Abass Effect of Sillymarine & Metformin on the Biochemical Hormonal Profile in Women with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome ====== ======== === Ph.D. Clinical Chemistry
  Aziz, Samer H. Formulation of Carbamazepine as an Oral Extended Release Tablets ====== ========= === MS.c Pharmaceutics
  Mohammed, Nasreen Shaban Effect of low Doses of Captopoil or Losartan in Improving Glycemic Control by Oral Hypglycemic Agents in Type & Diabetes Mellitus Patients ====== ======== === M.Sc. Clinical pharmacy
  Atto, Riyadh Ahmed Synthesis of new 2-Propanolamine Derivatives with Expacted β- Adernoceptor Bloking Activity ====== ========= === Ms.c Pharmaceutical Chemistry
  Tizkam, Hussam Hamed Preparation of A New Dosage Form Mettoclopramide Hydrochloride as Orodispersible Tablet ====== ========= 2008 MS.c Pharmaceutics
  Ahmed, Ghassan Salah The Possible Beneficial Effects of Antioxidants & Allopurinol in the Mangement of Mild Pre-eclamptic Patients Treated with Methyldopa ====== ======== === M.Sc. Clinical pharmacy
  Mohammed, Duraid Hamed Synthesis of New Cefotaxime Derivatives as Possible Prodrugs ====== ========= === Ms.c Pharmaceutical Chemistry
  Heriz, Mohammed H. The Preparation of Novel Non-Steroidal Prodrugs of Possible Anti-Inflammatory ====== ========= === Ms.c Pharmaceutical Chemistry
  Hadi, Mohammed Dhia Synthesis of Dipeptide Derivatives of Nalidixic Acid with Expected Enhanced Oral Bioavailability ====== ========= === Ms.c Pharmaceutical Chemistry
  Al-Bayati, Ghaidaa Sulaiman Effect of Sintering & Microwave on the Release of Diltiazem HCl From Matrix Tablets ====== ========= === Ms.c Pharmaceutics
  Al-Rubaye, Imad Muneeb Synthesis of New Cephalthin Derivatives ====== ========= === Ms.c Pharmaceutical Chemistry
  Salih,Ameer Mohammed Synthesis of New 5-Fluorouracil Derivatives as Possible Prodrugs for Targting Cancer Cells ====== ========= === Ms.c Pharmaceutical Chemistry
  Rahi, Firas Aziz Evaluation & Pharmaceutical Application of a Natural Polysaccharide Extracted From Balango Nutlets, Lallemantia Royleana (Benth.) Benth. ====== ========= === Ph.D Pharmaceutics
  Amin, Muath Sheet Mohammed Studing the Relese Profile of Ropinirole & 5-FU Prepared by Controleed Prosity Osmotic System as a Colon Targeting ====== ========= === Ph.D Pharmaceutics


  Sheheed, Dhurgham Qasim Synthesis of Dipeptide Ester as Possible Prodrugs of Atenolol with Expected Enhanced Oral Bioavailability ====== ========= 2008 Ms.c Pharmaceutical Chemistry
  Jabar, Esra’a Ghazy Formulation & In Vitro Evaluation of Silymarin Through Rat Skin as a Topical Preparation ====== ========= 2009 M.S.c Pharmaceutics
  Al-Saedi , Mohanad Abdul Sahib The Possible Agmentive Effects of Antioxidants ( Vitamin E & Vitamin C) as Anti-inflammatory in Osteoarthritic Patients Treated with Diclofenac Sodium ====== ======== 2009 M.Sc. Clinical pharmacy
  Mosa, Mazin Nadhim Synthesis of New Conjugates of non – Steroidal Anti- Inflamatory Drugs( NSAIDs) with Guaiacol ====== ========= 2009 Ms.c Pharmaceutical Chemistry
  Nassir, Eman Sadiq Effects of Clopidogrel on Glycemic Indices, Oxidative Stress & Lipid Profile in Type 2 Diabetes ====== ========= 2009 Ms.c Clinical Laboratory Sciences
  Abdul-Jalil, Thukaa Zuhair Phytochemical & Antimicrobial study of some Flavonoids Present in the Fruits of two Ammi L- Species Wildly Grown in Iraq ====== ======= 2009 M.Sc. Pharmacognosy
  Fakhree, Najwan Qaisar Effects of COX2 Inhibitors Selectivity on some Cardiovascular Risk Markers in Hyper Lipidemic & Normolipdemic Type 2 Diabetics with Rheumatoid Arthrtis ===== ======= 2009 Ms.c Clinical Laboratory Sciences
  Al-Rubaye, Hayder Hassan Synthesis of New Norfloxacin Derivatives as Possible prodrugs ===== ======= 2009 Ms.C pharmaceutical Chemistry
  Al-Zaidy, Assad Hassan An Inflammatory Activity Metformin & Captopril in Experimental of Animal Models of Models of Acute sub Acute & Chronic Inflammation ====== ======== 2009 Ms.C Pharmacology & Toxicology
  Ghareeb, Mowafiq Mohammed Response Surface Methodology for Preparation & Evaluation of Meloxicam Solid Dispersion Combined with Gastroretentive Ramitidine hydrochtoride ====== ======= 2009 Ph.D Pharmaceutics
  Al-Kinani, Khalid Kadhem Formulation & Evaluation of Diazepam Orodis Possible Tablets ====== ======= 2009 Ms.C Pharmaceutics
  Al-Saad, Raghdan Zeki Dose Response Relationship of the Antiflammatory Activity of Doxycycline & Pentoxifylline in Rats Models of Induced Chronic Inflammation ====== ======= 2009 Ms.C Pharmacology & Toxicology
  Jasim, Ahmed D. Synthesis of Mutual Prodrugs & dipeptide Prodrugs of P. Amino Salicylic Acid Ethambutol & Isoniazid with Expected Enhance Physicochemical Properties ====== ====== 2009 Ms.C pharmaceutical Chemistry
  Al-Hamashi, Ayad Abed Ali Synthesis of New Estrone –Opioid Peptides Conjugates with Expected Biological Activity ====== ======= 2009 Ms.C pharmaceutical Chemistry
  Hamoodi,Zahraa Mohsen Some Variables Affecting Formulation of Ciprofloxicine Hydrochloride as an Oral Extended Release Tablet ===== ====== 2009 Ms.C Pharmaceutics
  Abid Ali, Dhulfiqar Synthesis of Phosphoramidate Derivative of 5- Flurouracil as Possible Prodrugs For Targeting Cancer Tissue ====== ======= 2009 Ms.C pharmaceutical Chemistry
  Shia, Jaffar Sattar Synthesis of Adenosine – Opioid Peptide Conjugate with Expected Biological Activity ====== ====== 2009 Ms.C pharmaceutical Chemistry
  Al-Nuaimi, Ali Mohammed Ali Anemia in Diabetic Patients without Microalbuminuria ====== ====== 2009 Ms.C Clinical Laboratory Science
  Mahmood ,Ammar A. Razzak Extraction & Isolation of Some Iridoids from Osmanthus Cyamosus & Synthesis of Their Derivatives ====== ====== 2009 Ph.D pharmaceutical Chemistry
  Abid Al-Hameed , Shaimaa Nazar Preparation In Vitro Evaluation & Preliminary In-Vivo Study of Mefenamic Acid as a Floating Delivery System ====== ====== 2010 Ph.D Pharmaceutics
  Rijab, Nawal Ayash Preparation  & Evaluatin of Fentany Transdremal   Patches using Lidocaine as a Model Drug & Azelaic Acids as a Penetration Enhancer ====== ====== 2010 Ph.D Pharmaceutics
  Jabbar, Mohammed Sattar Formulation & Evaluation of Bilayer Tablets of Metoprolol Tarate as an Oral Modified Release Dosage Form ====== ====== 2010 Ms.C Pharmaceutics
  Lafta, Amena Jasim Antiprofilerative Activity of Spironol actone in Vitro & In Vivo Study ====== ======= 2010 Ms.C Clinical Laboratory Science
  Eida, Aday Abdullah Phytochemical Investigation of Bacopamonniere in Wildly Grown in Iraq ====== ======= 2010 Ms.C Pharmacognosy
  Abdul- Zahra, Shaimaa The Beneficial Role of some Bone Markers in Evaluations Women with Osteoporosis under Different Therapeutic Regimens ===== ====== 2010 Ms.C Clinical Laboratory Science
  Mohammed Ali , Muqdam Preparation & In Vitro Evaluation of Chitosan – Based Interpenetrating Polymer Network as a pH – Sensitive Delivery System for Amoxicillin Release ====== ======= 2010 Ms.C Pharmaceutics
  Abbas , Haider Kadhum Formulation & Evaluation of Niosomal Liposomal & Ethosomal System as Transdermal Drug Carrier using Terbutaline Sulfate & Indomethacin as Model Drugs ====== ====== 2010 Ph.D Pharmaceutics
  Al-Rekabi, Mohammed D. A Comparative Study of the Effect of Quercetin on the Clinical Picture & some Biomarkers in Patients with Rheumatoid Arthitis ===== ======= 2010 Ph.D Clinical Biochemistry
  Kurje, Hayder Abdul Hafedh Effect of Acarbose on the Pharmacokintics of Orally Administrated Amoxicillin & Metronidazole in Diabetes Mellitus Type II Patients & Healthy Volunteers ====== ===== 2010 MSc. Clinical Pharmacy
  Abdul-Jaleel, Omar Waleed Preparation & Evaluation of Orodispersible Tablets of Loratidine ====== ===== 2010 MSc. Pharmaceutics
  Naser , Noor Hatef Synthesis & Preliminary Pharmacological Evaluation of New Diclofenac Derivatives Inti-Inflammatory Agents ===== ====== 2010 MSc. Pharmaceutical Chemistry
  Mohammed, Dunia Lafta Synthesis of Dihydropyridine Prodrug & for some Drugs with Expected Enhanced Brain Delivery ===== ====== 2010 MSc. Pharmaceutical Chemistry
  Al-Khalifa ,Ihab Ibraheem Dose –Response Relationship of Melatonin in _Vitro & Therapeutics Use of Melatonin for Management of Fibrougalgia ===== ====== 2010 Ph.D Toxicology
  Fatif, Diar Arif Synthesis of Model Compounds Glucosamine & Gentamicin with Expected Enhanced Bioavailability ===== ====== 2010 Ph.D Pharmaceutical Chemistry
  Abdul-Kareem, Nadia Ghassan The of some Inflammatory Markers in Patients with Acute Coronary Syndrome in Correlation with some Biochemical Markers ===== ====== 2011 Ph.D Clinical Laboratory Science
  Najem Aldin, Haithem Preparation & In-Vitro Evaluation of Controlled Release Floating Tablets of Captopril using different Polymers as a Release Retarding Agents ====== ====== 2011 MSc. Pharmaceutics
  Abid Ali, Sura Saghban The Effect of Treatment with Calcium Carbonate or Alpha Methyldopa on Serum Levels of the Elements ( Calcium Magnesium , Iron, Copper ) ===== ====== 2011 MSc. Pharmacology
  Thomas, Lena Murad Preparation & Evaluation of Floating Atenolol Microcapsules by Organic Coacervation & Aqueous Polymer Dispersion Methods ===== ===== 2011 MSc. Pharmaceutics
  Fadhil, Taqua Abdul Abbas Effects of Combination of Metformin & Glibenclamide on Leptin Level & Related Biochemical Markers in Type (2) Diabetes Mellitus ==== ===== 2011 MSc. Clinical Pharmacy
  Dakhel , Zainab Abdul _hadi Synthesis of 5 Fluorourcil Derivatives as Possible Mutual Prodrugs with Meloxicam & Ibuprofen ==== ===== 2011 MSc. Pharmaceutical Chemistry
  Issa, Anmar A Preparation & Characterization of Floating Cinnarizine Beads ===== ====== 2011 MSc. Pharmaceutics
  Sabar, Methaq Hamad Preparation & In –Vitro Evaluation of Ketoprofen as a Sustained Release Tablets using Polyelectrolyte Complex as a Matrix Former ==== ==== 2011 MSc. Pharmaceutics
  Al-Hasani, Noor Raauf Clinical Significance of Calcitrial Local Injection Inorthodontic Tooth Movement ==== ==== 2011 MSc. Clinical Pharmacy
  Al-Faris, Omar Jasim Drugs – Induced Hapatototoxicity in Rats: Role of Leptin TNF- Alpha & Trace Elements ( Zinc, Coppetr & Iron ) ==== ==== 2011 MSc Toxicology
  Abid, Aminah Ali Levels of some Pro-Inflammatory Cytokines in Pregnant Women with Polysystic Ovary Syndrome ===== ==== 2011 MSc. Clinical Laboratory Science
  Zalzala, Munaf Hashim Role of Aliskiren & Digoxin in the Regulation of Intraotensive & Induced Ocular Hypertension in Rabbits ===== ===== 2011 Ph.D Pharmacology
  Al-Azawi, Ali Faris H. Genotoxic Study of Different Extracts of Loranthus Europaeus Fruits on Bone Marrow & Spleen Cells of Mice : In Vivo Study ===== ===== 2011 MSc. Pharmacology
  Al-Taukmagi, Haider Fakhri Adjuvant use of Angiotensin Receptor Blockers with Metformin in Patients with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome ==== ==== 2011 Ph.D Clinical Chemistry
  Al-Kaabi, Ali Mohammed Hadi Disease Modulting Effects of Simivastatin & ,Or Telmisartan or Cardiopulmonary System in Patients with Mild to ………. ==== ==== 2011 Ph.D Clinical Pharmacy
  Abbas, Ruaa Fadhil Concentration- Effect  Relationship the Radical Scaverging Activity of Telmisartan in Nitrite-induced Hemoglobin …………….. ===== ====== 2011 MSc. Pharmacology & Toxicology
  Salih, Afrah Gaffer Treatment Options of Acute Respiratory Syncytial Virus Bronchiolitis in Two Iraqi Pediatric Hospitals with Arecent Moutelakast Treatment Option ==== ===== 2011 MSc. Clinical Pharmacy
  Hamed, Ali Abdul-Hakeem Preparation & In-Vitro Evaluation of Superporous Hydrogel Composites as Agastroretentive Dosage using Metronidazole as a Model Drug ====== ====== 2011 MSc. Pharmaceutics
  Ahmed, Dua’a Khalid Formulation & Evaluation of Prochlorperazine Maleate Orodispersible Tablets ==== ===== 2011 MSc. Pharmaceutics
  Attyah, Ahmed Mohammed Study of the Possible Protective Effect of Ginder Exract Against Cisplatin –Induced Multiple Organs Toxicity In Rats ===== ===== 2011 MSc Pharmacology & Toxicology
  Al-Dawaf, Rana Awni Synthesis of Coumarin Derivatives Coupled to Amino Acid Esters ====== ======= 2011 MSc. Pharmaceutical Chemistry
  Nasser, Saddm Jumaa Formulation & Evaluation of Ketoprofen Orodispersible Tablet ===== ===== 2011 MSc. Pharmaceutics
  Talib, Ali Basim Design , Synthesis & Hydrolysis Study Mutual Prodrugs of (NSAIDs) with Different Antioxidants using Glycolic Acid Spacet ===== ===== 2011 MSC. Pharmaceutical Chemistry
  Al_obaidi,Issraa Rasheed Abdul-Rahman The Effect of Precipitation Techniques on Bioadhesive Microparticle Characteristics University of Strathclyde London 2011 Ph.D Pharmaceutics
  Sharif, Ali Bassil Synthesis & Antimicrobial Study of New Cefetriaxone Derivatives as Possible Prodrugs ===== ====== 2012 MSC. Pharmaceutical Chemistry
  Suliaman, Amal Ajaweed Concentration & Time- Antioxidant Effect Relationship of Authocyamcine in Sodium Nitrite & Azo Compounds – Induced Hemoglobin Oxidation & Erythrocytes Membrance Damage: In Vitro & In Vivo Studies ===== ===== 2012 Ph.D Pharmacology & Toxicology
  Toma, Nawar Micheal Formulation & Evaluation of Floating Bilayer Tablets of Aspiring & Clopidogril as an Oral Modified Release Dosage Form ===== ===== 2012 MSc. Pharmaceutics
  Jassim, Akeel Abdul-Khadum Design , Synthesis & Preliminary Pharmacological Evaluation of New Non- Steroidal Anti – Inflammatory Agents Having 4( Methyel)Sulfony aniline Pharmacologic ====== ====== 2012 MSc. Pharmaceutical Chemistry
  Al-Bayaty, Zainab Asim Some Biological & Inflammatory Markers in Diabetes Postmenopausal Women in Relation to Insulin Resistance & Body Mass Index ====== ====== 2012 MSc. Clinical Laboratory Sciences
  Farhan, Yaser Mohammed Cardiovascular Risk Factors in Newly Diagnosed Women with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) & PCOS Women on Metformin Therapy : Comparative Study ===== ====== 2012 MSc. Clinical Biochemistry
  Khaleel, Nashwan Yousif Preparation & In-Vitro Evaluation of Ketoprofen Solid Dispersion &its Effect on the Drug Release From a Topical Dosage Form ===== ===== 2012 MSc. Pharmaceutics
  Nourooz, Mohammed Satar Qualitative Quanutitative Comparison of the Essential Oils of Achillea Conperta that are Culrivated & Wildly Grown ====== ====== 2012 MSc. Pharmacognosy
  Ibraheem, Nabaa Mohammed Phytochemical Investigation of Steroidal Sapogenin of Yucca Aloifolia Plant ====== ====== 2012 MSc. Phamacognosy
  Hassan, Nibras Mohammed Ridha Pattren of some Biochemical Findings in Iraqi Patients with Symptomtic Non-Complicated Choletithasis before Cholecystectomy ====== ===== 2012 MSc. Clinical Laboratory Sciences
  Sadon, Ahmed Abdulwahid Design & Synthesis of some Nitrate Derval of Naproxen & Mefenamic acid with Expected Nitricoxide Release ===== ==== 2012 MSc. Pharmaceutical Chemistry
  Taqhi, Hassainen S. Formulation & Evaluation of Orodispersible Film of Sildenfil Citrate ===== ===== 2012 MSc. Pharmaceutics
  Mekhelif, Safaa Fakher Formulation & Evaluation of Cinnarizine Orodispersible Tablet ====== ======= 2012 MSc. Pharmaceutics
  Karim, Ammar Sabah Serum Total Adiponectin in Anemic & Non – Anemic Patients with Type 2 Diabetes without Microalbuminurea ===== ======= 2012 MSc Clinical Laboratory Sciences
  Awni, Rinata Abdul-sattar Design & In Vitro Evaluation of Meloxicam Colon Targeted Tablets ===== ======= 2012 MSc. Pharmaceutics
  Abdul-Sadh, Abbas Hamid Synthesis & Preliminary on Antibacterial Evaluation of CertainAmino Acid Esters of Ofloxacin ====== ==== 2012 MSc. Pharmaceutical Chemistry
  Al-Mudhafer, Al-Hassan Al- Mujtaba Abdulwahid Possible Benefficial Effiect of Famotidine Histamine Peceptor -2Blockers on the Prognosis of Patients with Mycocardial Infraction ==== ===== 2012 MSc Clinical Pharmacy
  Shakir, Aous Abdul-hussien Phytochemical & Cytotoxic Study of some Flavinoids Present in the Fruits of Vitex Agnus-Castus L.( Chaste Free) Cultivated in Iraq ==== ==== 2012 MSc. Pharmacognosy
  Hamid, Fadhil Mohsen Synthesis of 2,3-Dihydro 1,4- Naphthaquinone Derivatives for Targeting the Altered Cancer Cells Metabolism ====== ====== 2012 MSc. Pharmaceutical Chemistry
  Obeed, Sadiq Jawad Synthesis & Preliminary Evaluation of New Polymeric of Loxacin Derivatives as Antibactirial Agents ==== ======= 2012 MSc. Pharmaceutical Chemistry
  Bader, Qasim Allawi Formulation , In Vitro & Ex Vivo Evaluation of Mucoadhesive Buccal Films of Silibinin ==== ===== 2012 MSc. Pharmaceutics
  Ameen , Husam Amer Synthesis & Preliminary Antimicrobial Study of 2- Amino 5- Mercapto to-1,3,4- Thadiazole Derivatives ===== ===== ==== MSc. Pharmaceutical Chemistry
  Hadi, Mohammed Kamel Synthesis & Preliminary Study of Antimicrobial Activity of New Coumarin & 2- Quinolone Derivatives ===== ===== 2012 Ph.D. Pharmaceutical Chemistry
  Hussein, Ahmed Hashim Enhancing the Transdermal Permention of Pentoxifylline Using Ultra-Deformable Vesicles ( Transfer ) as a Nano _ Carriers ==== ==== 2012 Ph.D. Pharmaceutics
  Azeez, Oday Sajjad Preparation & Characterization of Ketorolac Tromethamine Inser as Ocular Drug Delivery System ==== ===== 2012 Ph.D. Pharmaceutics
  Al-Khailani, Kadhim Ali Kadhim Ali Correlation Between Serum Metformin with Clinical & Biochemical Markers in Newly Diagnosed Female Patients with Type (2) Diabetes Mellitus ===== ==== 2012 Ph.D Clinical Pharmacy
  Al-saedi, Zainab Sattar Jabbar Some Hormonal Changes in Women with Primary Hypothyroidism Under the Effect of Thyroid Hormone Replacement Therapy ==== ===== 2012 MSc. Clinical Pharmacy
  Al-sa’aidy, Hussien Ali H. Microwave Assisted Synthesis of 5-Aryl-1,3,4-Oxadiazolyl,L,3,4Thiaexazole -2- Thione Compounds ===== ===== 2012 Ph.D. Pharmaceutical Chemistry
  Al-Temimi, Hassan Mohammed Abbas Immunological Biochemical & Clinical Investigation of Type (2) Diabetic Iraq Patients …….. ===== ===== 2012 Ph.D Clinical Pharmacy
  Kassab, Hanan Jalal Preparation & Evaluation of 5- Fluorouracil Sensitive Gel for Rectal Administration ==== ===== 2012 Ph.D. Pharmaceutics
  Talib, Mohanad Yasir Radeef Evaluation & Effectiveness & Safety with Therapeutic Drug Monitoring of Antiepileptic Drugs ( Carbamazepine , Valproic Acid & Topiramate ) In Iraqi Epileptic Patients === === 2012 MSc. Clinical Pharmacy
  Micheal, Ehab Mudher Evaluating the Possible benefits of Rosuvastatin as Adjuvant Therapy to Methorexate in Iraqi Patients with Active Rheumatoid Arthritis ==== ===== 2012 MSc. Clinical Pharmacy
  Yacob, Ausam Ayoob Effects of Single & Long Term Use of Polyphenoles on Absorption & Tissues Distribution & Atenolol ) & Trace Elements ( Zinc , Copper, & Iron ) In Rats ===== ====== 2012 Ph.D. Pharmacology & Toxicology
  Abdul-Wahab, Abdul Hafeedh Effects of Metformin & or Glimibride on Resist in Level in Type2 DM == == 2013 MSc. Pharmaceutical Chemistry
  Abdul-Nabi, Maitham Ali The Effect of Atrovastatin , Metformin or Their Combination in Unmarried Women with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome == == 2013 MSc. Clinical Pharmacy
  Mohammed Ridha , Mohammed Iqdam Formulation & In -Vitro Evaluation of Carbimazole Orodispersible  Tablet == == 2013 MSc. Pharmaceutics
  Alkateeb, Sarmed Hashim Experimental & Clinical Evaluation of Dopminergic Drugs on the Function of Endothelial Primary Cilia in Polycystic Kidney Disease == == 2013 Ph.D Pharmacology
  Ashoor, Jamal Ali Formulation &  Evaluation of Finasteride Orodispersible Tablets == == 2013 MSc. Pharmaceutics
  Hussien, Ahmed Kareem Design Synthesis & Preliminary Pharmacological Evaluation of New Derivatives of Naproxen & Indomethacin Linked to Natural Antioxidants By Glycine == == 2013 MSc. Pharmaceutical Chemistry
  Mahde, Basam Wafaa Formulation & In -Vitro Evaluation of Bromocripitine Gastroretensive Floating   Tablet == == 2013 MSc. Pharmaceutics
  Khazael, Ahmed Abdul Lateef Preparation & In- Vitro Evolution of Zolmitiriptan  Mucoadhesive Buccal Tablets == == 2013 MSc. Pharmaceutics
  Abdul-Hadi, Shyma Luay Synthesis of New Conjugates of some Nsuldi with Sulfonamide as Possible Mutual Prodrgs using Tyrosine Spacer for Colon Targeted Drug Delivery == == 2013 MSc. Pharmaceutical Chemistry
  Saeed, Zainab Mohammed Jaafer M. Level of Serum Adipokins (Adiponectin & Resisten) & Their Correlation To Insulin Resistance In Obesity == == 2013 MSc. Clinical Laboratory
  Yar, Hind Salah The Possible Hepto- Protective Effect of Carthamus Tinctorius (safflower) Against Carbon Tetrachloride & Chlopromazine Induced Toxicity in Rats == == 2013 MSc. Pharmacology & Toxicology
  Al-Jabbawy, Ameer Sabah Formulation & Evaluation of Phenobarbital Ordodispersible Tablets == == 2013 MSc. Pharmaceutics
  Radhi, Ameera Abdulelah Formulation & In-Vitro Evaluation of Ketotifen Fumarate Oral Strips == == 2013 MSc. Pharmaceutics
  Shakir, Mazin Saleem Phytochemical Study of some Flavonoids & Sterols in Anastatichicroch Untial Cultivated in Iraq == == 2013 MSc. Pharmacognosy
  Al-Shammaa, Dhuha Albdul-saheb Phytochemical Investigation of Actire Consituents in Arctiumlappal   Family Asteraceae Cultiveated in Iraq == == 2013 MSc. Pharmacognosy
  Jasim, Atheer Mohammed Formulation & Evaluation of Candesartan Cilexetil Orodispersible Tablet == == 2013 MSc. Pharmaceutics
  Salman, Ali Sabah Biochemical Parameter Study in Iraq Acromegalic Patients == == 2013 MSc. Clinical Biochemistry
  Khamis, Amjed H. Separation & & Identification of Alkaloids & Flavonoids Content of Arial Parts of Tecoma Stans F. Bignonia Ceae Cultivated In Iraq == == 2012 MSc. Pharmacognsy
  Al-Maliki, Falah Hassan Shari Osteoporosis in Cholelithlasis : Biochemical Markers == == 2013 Ph.D. Clinical Laboratory Sciences
  Mohammed, Shymaa Jasim Sex Hormones Profile In Iraqi Male Patients with Sympomatic Cholelithiasis before Cholecystectomy == == 2013 MSc. Clinical Laboratory Sciences
  Abdul-Jabbar, Ahmed Sami Formulation & Evaluation Of Piroxicam Liquisolid Compacts == == 2013 MSc. Pharmaceutics
  Ahmed, Ali Jawad Effects of Metformin Treatment on Serum Adiponnactin Level , Lipid Profile & Testosterone Relative to Insulin Resistance in Women with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome == == 2013 MSc. Clinical Laboratory Sciences
  Baker, Masar Samir The Possible Beneficial Effects of Atorvastatin in Iraqi Patients with Systolic Heart Fulura == == 2013 MSc. Clinical Pharmacy
  Kadhim, Dheyaa Jabbar Association of Admission Serum Adiponectin , Resistin & Liptin Levels with Acute St-Segment Elevation Myocardial Infraction == == 2013 Ph.D. Clinical pharmacy
  Najim, Hadeel Delman Effects of Metformin & /or Glimebiride on Resist in Level in Type 2 DM === === 2013 MS.c Clinical Pharmacy
  Khalil, Alaa Mohammed Phytochemical Study of some Alkaloids of Iraqi Rhazya Stricta Decaisne === === 2013 MS.c Pharmacognosy
  Najeeb,Ziena Saleh Effects of Tadalafil on some Biomarkers that Related to Kidney Diseases in Diabetic Patients Type 2 === === 2013 Ph.D Clinical Laboratory Sciences
  Farhan, Muthanna Saadi Synthesis of some Heterocyclic Compounds Linked to Amino Acid Esters with Expected Biological Activities === === 2013 Ph.D Pharmaceutical Chemistry
  Kadhim, Enas Jawad Phytochemical Investigation & Testing the Effect of Iraqi Echinops Heterophyllus Family Compositaeon Wound Healing === === 2013 Ph.D Pharmacognosy
  Muften, Roaa Ali Synthesis of Coumarin Derivatives & Evaluation of Their Antimicrobial Activity as Antibacterial & Antifungal === === 2013 MS.c Pharmaceutical Chemistry
  Al-attiya, Turath Nabeel Ibrahim Effect Oral- Carnitine on the Mortality Markers in Hemodialysis Patients === === 2013 MS.c Clinical Pharmacy
  Sadiq, Abather Abdul Kareem Preparation & Characterization of Silibinin Loaded Solid Lipid Nauoparticles Targeting Colon === === 2013 Ph.D Pharmaceutics
  Said, Ali Muaffaq The Effects of Different Convolvulus Arvensis Fractions on some Parameters of Cytotoxicity & Genotomoxicity In Vitro & In Studies in Comparisorn with Cyclophosphamide === === 2013 Ph.D Toxicity
  Al_Akkam, Entidher Jasim Influene of Glucosamine & HS Polymers on Bioavailability of Atorvastatin & Rosuvastatin in Rats === === 2013 Ph.D Pharmaceutics
  Sheheed, Dhurgham Qasim Design Synthesis & In Vitro Preliminary Kinetic Study of Folate Conjugates of Selected Antineoplastic as a Multi_ Drug Delivery Systems to Breasts & Ovarian Cancers === === 2013 Ph.D Pharmaceutical Chemistry
  Ahmed, Ghassan Salah The Effects of Tamsulosin , Vardenafil & Rowatinex, As a Medical Expulsion Therapy for the Management of Ureteral Stone in Iraqi Patients === === 2013 Ph.D Clinical Pharmacy
  Mohammed , Samer Imad Evaluating the Possible Benefits of Using Pentoxifylline as Adjuvant Therapy to Etanercept or Etanercept Plus Methotrexate in Iraqi Patients with Active Rheumatoid Arthritis === === 2013 Ms.C Clinical Pharmacy
  Ebrahem, Awatif Abid Synthesis , Characterization & Evaluation of Antimicrobial & Antitumor Activities of New Derivatives of Certain Fluoroquinonlones === === 2013 Ph.D Pharmaceutical Chemistry
  Noushi , Abeer Amer Aboudi The Possible Bone Marow Suppression Induced by Therapeutics Dosses of Glucosamine /Chondroition Sulfates in Rats : The Role of Immune Mechanism === === 2013 MS.c Pharmacology & Toxicology
  Hassan, Mohammed Khudair The Adverse Effects of Chemotheraputics Agents (L_Asparginase , Methotrexate , Vincristine , Cytarabine & Doxorubicin) in Iraqi Patients with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia during the Induction Phase of Chemotherapy === === 2013 MS.c Clinical Pharmacy
  Khider, Shaimaa Saleh Evaluating the Possible Efficacy of Using Omegas Adjuvant Therapy to Methotrexate in Patients with Active Rheumatoid Arthritis in Tikrit City === === 2013 MSc. Clinical Pharmacy
  Ibrahim, Manal Abdulkhaliq Study the Anti- Inflammatory effect Telmisartan & Valsartan in Airway Model of Female Rats : Comparative Study === === 2013 MSc. Pharmacology & Toxicology
  Mariush, Tayf Mohammed Clinical Effects of Probiotics (Lactobacillus) Supplementation on Glycemic Indices & Lipid Profile in Type 2 Diabetic Iraqi Patients Associated with Dyslipidemia === === 2013 MS.c Pharmacology & Toxicology
  Abdul-Ameer , Khalid Abdulhussien Predicting the Risk of Cardiovascular Disease in Patients with Active Rheumatoid Arthritis Treated with Methotrexate & Traditional & Nontraditional Methods: Comparative Study === === 2013 MS.c Clinical Laboratory Science
  Mohammed, Hussein Abdulamir Formulation & Evaluation of 5-Flourouracil Mucoadhesive Buccal Patch for Local for Local Treatment of Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma === === 2013 MSc. Pharmaceutics
  Al_Gawhari,Fatima Jalal Development of A Non –Ionic Surfactant Vesicles Formulation of Gemcitabine for Pulmonary Delivery London Strathclyde insistatiute 2013 Ph.D. Pharmaceutics
  Abdul-Rahman, Noor Muhammed The Possible Effect  of Zinc & Vit.D3 on Ulcer Heating Glycemic State inflammatory & Lipid Parameters in Diabetic Foot Ulcer Patients === === 2014 MSc. Clinical Pharmacy
  Hassan Al-Haddad Pharmacological Studies of Compounds Targeting Glutamate Transporter 1 for the Attenuation of Alcohol –Drinking Behavior in Alcohol Preferring Rats New York Toledo 2013 MSc. Pharmacology & Toxicology
  Abdul Abbas, Ahmed  A. Formulation & Comparative Evaluation of Candesartan Cilexetil Liquisolid Compacts & Solid Dispersion Tablets === === 2014 MSc. Pharmaceutics
  Jasim, Zianab Eassa Formulation & Evaluation of Clopidogrel Tablet Incorporating Drug Nanoparticles === === 2014 MS.c. Pharmaceutics
  Al-saraf, Mays Abd Munaf Formulation & Evaluation Telmisartan Liquisolid Compacts === === 2014 MSc. Pharmaceutics
  Hussien, Suhaib Aziz Phytochemical Study of some Medicinal Compounds Present in Hedera Helix L. Plants Cultivated in Iraq == === 2014 MSc. Pharmacognosy
  Zain ALAbdeen , Salah Hassan Synthesis of New β A drenoceptor Blocking Agent Including 1,3,4- Thiadiazole with expected drenoceptor Blocking Activity == === 2014 MSc. Pharmaceutical Chemistry
  Abbas, Omar Saeb Salih Formulation & In Vitro Evaluation of Rosuvastatin Calcium Niosomes == === 2014 MSc. Pharmaceutics
  Mahmood, Hassanain Shakir Formulation & Evaluation of Cefixime Nanoparticales as Capsules in on Attempt to Increase Dissolution Rate === === 2014 MSc. Pharmaceutics
  Al-Dori, Omer Salah Sadiem Correlation between Inflammatory Mediators , Oxidative Stress & Liquid Profile in Patients with Cholelithiasis === === 2014 MSc. Clinical Laboratory Science
  Ali, Abdul-Rahim Ahmed Correlation between Serum Levels of Insulin- Like Grow in Factor-I with Estrogen & Free Obese Type 2 Diabetic Women == == 2014 MSc. Clinical Laboratory Science
  Khudhair, Faleh Abdullah An Evaluation of Melatonin as Antioxidant in Iraqi Patients with Primary Hyperthroidism == == 2014 MSc. Clinical Pharmacy
  Hasan, Milad Jawad Optimization & In Vitro Evaluation of Ranitidine Hydrochloride Floating in Situ Gel == == 2014 MSc. Pharmaceutics
  Ulaiwy, Mohammed AbdulAmir Synthesis of Azo Derivatives of 5- Fluorouracil for Possible Targeting of Colon Cancer == == 2014 MS.c Pharmaceutical Chemistry
  Majed, Saad Mohammed Formulation & Evaluation of Bilayer Matrix Tablets of Amoxicillin & Esomepazole as an Oral Modified Release Dosage From for Treatment of Peptic Ulcer == == 2014 MSc. Pharmaceutics
  Al-Shaheen, Mohammed Khalid Ahmed Formulation & In Vitro Evaluation of Sustained Release Layered Matrix Tablets of Diclofenac Sodium & Orphenadrine Citrate Prepared by Solid Dispersion Technique == == 2014 MSc Pharmaceutics
  Al-Atrakchey, Rajaa Neama Some Biochemical Changes In Patients with Cholelithiasis & Their Bile Culture == == 2014 MSc. Clinical Laboratory Sciences
  Kadhim, Ameer Hussein Synthesis Characterization & Preliminary Antimicrobial Evaluation of New Derivatives of New 1,3,4- Thiadiazole & Cephalosporins == == 2014 MSc Pharmaceutical Chemistry
  Aboodi, Ali Abdulhussein Impact of Three Years Cigarettes Smoking on Serum Electrolyte Levels In Men Live in Wasit City == == 2014 H.D. Toxicology
  Mohammed, Mohammed Mahmood Adjuvant Use Metformin or Pioglitazone in Patients With Knee Osteoarthritis == == 2014 Ph.D Clinical Pharmacy
  Mohammed, Shaimaa Munther Lysyl Oxidase , Hypoxia Inducible Factor-I Alpha & Nitric Oxide as Possible Biological Markers In Transition Bladder Carcinoma == == 2014 Ph.D Clinical Biochemistry
  Ali, Alaa A. The Clinical Effect of Duloxetine of Melatonin in Comparison with Piopranolol for the Prevention of Common Migraine Headache == == 2014 Ph.D Clinical Pharmacy
  Salih, Sabah Jawad Design , Synthesis & Preliminary Pharmacological Evaluation of New 2- Azetidinone Derivatives of Naproxen == == 2014 Ph.D Pharmaceutical Chemistry
  Mortada, Ahmed Hashem Adjuvant uses of silibinin with Methotrexate in Treatment of Rheumatoid Arthritis : Animal & Human Studies == == 2014 Ph.D Toxicology
  Hamed, Hiba Ezzat Preparation & In- Vitro Evaluation of Floating Tablets using Desloratadine as a Model Drug == == 2014 MSc. Pharmaceutics
  Ahmed, Fadia Thamir Evaluation of the Effect & Safety of Ranibizumab Intravitreal Injections in Comparison to Laser Photocoagulation Therapy in Iraqi Patients with Diabetics Macular Edema == == 2014 MSc. Clinical Pharmacy
  Nief, Roaa Abdul Hameed Preparation & Evaluation of Meloxicam Microsponges as Transedermal Delivery System == == 2014 MSc. Pharmaceutics
  Dhiya. R. Joda Altamemy Formulation of Meloxicam Liquisolid Compacts == == 2014 MSc. Pharmaceutics
  Kadhim, Safaa Abdulkareem Preparation & Characterization of Ezetimibe Freeeze Dried Tablets Using Zydis Technology ==== ====== 2014 MSc. Pharmaceutics
  Ali, Maha Mahdi Formulation, Characterization & Optimization of Domperidone Transdermal Patches ==== ===== 2014 MSc. Pharmaceutics
  Nakara, Zina Zuheir Sabri Phytochemical Invetigation of Active Constituents in Valeriana Officinalis L. Family Valerianaceae Cultivated In Iraq ==== ===== 2014 MSc. Pharmacognosy
  Khudhair , Alaa Radhi The Possible Cardioprotictive Effects of Telmisartan Against 5-Fluorouracil Induced Cardiotoxicity in Wister Rats ===== ===== 2014 MSc. Pharmacology & Toxicology
  Mousa, Zahraa Amer Study the Influences of Various Antihypertensive Drugs ( Captopril , Candesartan & Atenolol ) on Bone Metabolism in Elderly Women ==== ====== 2014 MSc. Pharmacology & Toxicology
  Hassan, Jubran Khalil A Comparative Study for Evaluation of Different Doses of Oral Flecainide & Sotalol as Combintion for Termination of Atrial Fibrillation ===== ====== 2014 Ph.D Clinical Pharmacy
  Naser, Noor Hatef Design, Synthesis & Anti- Tuberculosis Evaluation of Ciprofloxacin –Sulfonamide Conjugates Utilizing Hybridization Approach ==== ====== 2015 Ph.D Pharmaceutical Chemistry
  Hammadi, Alyaa Hussein Comparative Study Between Three Different Intranasal Corticosteroids Spray in Treatment of Patients with Allergic Rhintis in Al-diwaniya City Iraq ===== ====== 2015 MSc. Clinical Pharmacy
  Taaban, Dhuha Fadhil The Role of Adiponectin, Liptin , Soluble Leptin Receptor & Insulin-Like Growth of Factor in a Sample of Breast cancer Iraqi Women ===== ====== 2015 MSc. Clinical Biochemistry
  AL-Shebani, Athraa Sami The Role of Insulin Like Growth Factor- 1 in Developing Benign Prostate Hypertrophy in Type (2) Diabetic Patients ===== ====== 2015 MSc. Clinical Laboratory Sciences
  Abbas, Reyadh Jasem The Possible Protective Effect of Melatonin & Selenium Against Toxicity of ( Doxorrubicin , Cyclophosphamide & 5-Flurouracil ) in Breast Cancer Iraqi Women ===== ======= 2015 MSc. Clinical Pharmacy  
  Mohammed Jawad, Noor Kadhim Effect of L- Carnitine & Coenzyme Q10 Glycemic State , Lipoprotein (a) ,Lipid Profile, Inflammatory Marker & Oxidative Stress in Some Iraqi Patients with Type 2 Diebetes Mellitus ===== ======= 2015 MSc. Clinical Pharmacy  
  AL-Mosawi, Jenan Mohammed Formulation & In Vitro Evaluation of Clarithronycin Oral MicroSponge Capsule ===== ====== 2015 MSc Pharmaceutics
  Khalid, Kalid Waleed Preparation & In Vitro Evaluation of Mefenamic Acid Emulgel ===== ======= 2015 MSc Pharmaceutics
  Al-Jiabi, Wissam Raad Hassan Efficacy of Levofloacin – Containing Therapy to Rescue Helicobacter Pylori Infection in AL- Diwaniya    ∕ Iraq Teaching Hospital ===== ======= 2015 MSc. Clinical Pharmacy
  Farhan, Mohammed Sinjar Synthesis of some Novel Quinoline Derivatives with Expected Antimicrobial & Cytotoxic Activities ===== ======= 2015 MSc. Pharmaceutical Chemistry
  Hassan, Amal Malik Evaluation of Fetuin –A Protein & Some Inflammatory Biomarkers in Patients with Acute Coronary Syndrome ===== ======= 2015 MSc. Clinical Biochemistry
  Abdulqader, Marwa Faisal Impact of Domeridone Alone or in Combination with either Ranitidine or Aqueous Green Tea Extract on Ethanol- Induced Gastric Ulcer In Rats 


===== ======= 2015 MSc. Pharmacology & Toxicolgy
  Abdul-Wahab, Usama Hasan Phytochemical Study of some Iroidoid Glycosides Present in the Leaves of Gardenia Jasminoides J. Ellis Plant Cultivated in Iraq ===== ======= 2015 MSc. Pharmacognosy
  Al-Zubaidi, Adnan Mohsen Effect of Phophodiesterase -5 Inhibitors on Aggregatory Tendency of Plantelets in Relation to the Type & Duration of Treatment in Patients with Electile Dysfunction ===== ======= 2015 MSc. Clinical Laboratory Sciences
  Sameem, Shaimaa Ahmed Evaluation of Iraqi Community Pharmacist’s Seriveces to Outpatients According to Pharmacy Ethical Stanadard ==== ======= 2015 MSc. Clinical Pharmacy
  Jabbar, Sarah Sattar Design Synthesis & Preliminary Antibacterial Activity of New Cephalosporinic Acid Derivities ===== ======= 2015 MSc. Pharmaceutical Chemistry
  Salman, Omer Dawood Thyroid Hormones & Serum Anti_Mullerian Hormone Concentration in Inerile Women at Reproductive Age ===== ======= 2015 MSc. Clinical Biochemistry
  Mohmod, Wisam Salim Preparation & In _ Vitro Evaluation of Zolmitrtptan Bilayer Oral Strip ===== ======= 2015 MSc. Pharmaceutics
  Younis, Yousif Kamal In – Vitro Evaluation Study of  Cushioning Blend in Multiple Unit Pellet System Using Diltiazem Hydrochloride as a Model Drug ===== ======= 2015 MSc. Pharmaceutics
  Baqer, Alaa Mohamd Enhancement of Solubility & Dissolution of Candesartan Cilexetil by Preparation of Nanoparticles ===== ======= 2015 MSc. Pharmaceutics
  Mohammed, Dunya Lafta Design , Synthesis & Preliminary Evaluation of Novel Hetrocyclic Derivatives some Coupled to Metal as Complexes with Expected G- Quadruplex Stabilizing Activity ===== ======= 2015 Ph.D. Pharmaceutical Chemistry
  Al-Robbie, Rabab Talib Effect of Petroleum Prouducts Exposure on Various Tissues of Iraqi Workers in Al-Dora Oil Refinery Baghdad ===== ======= 2015 MSc. Pharmaceutical Chemistry
  Wennas, Osama N. Design , Synthesis & Antibacterial Evaluation of New Cefotaxime Derivitives ===== ======= 2015 MS.c Pharmaceutical Chemistry
  Kurje, Hayder Abdul Hafedh Effects of Additional Sildenafil to Drug Regimen on Biochemical & Immunogical Markers in a Sample Iraqi Obese Diabetic Male with Metabolic Syndrome ===== ======= 2015 Ph.D. Clinical Pharmacy
  Shafeeq, Ahlam Adnan Synthesis of 1,3,4 –Thiodiozole Disulfide Derivitives with Expected Antibacterial Activity ===== ======= 2015 MSc. Pharmaceutical Chemistry
  Al-Jawadi, Haider Kadhim The Possible Beneficial Effects of Selenium Supplementation on Patients with Bengin Prostatic Hyperplasia using Findasteride ==== ====== 2015 MSc. Clinical Pharmacy
  Al-yassin, Firas Fadhil Alwan Some Biochemical Markers of Osteoporosis in Premenopausal Women with Endometriosis ===== ======= 2015 Ph.D Clinical Biochemistry
  Al_Khamas Aga, Qutaiba Ahmed Ibrahim Measuring the Percentage of CD4-T- Helper Cell as an Alternative Approach to Therapeutic Drug Monitoring for Cyclosporine Dosing in an Iraqi Kidney Transplantation Center ===== ======= 2015 PH.D Clinical Pharmacy  
  Ismael, Hussein Abd Aljabar Study of the Possible Protective Effect of Eriobotrya Japonnica Leaves Extract on Cisplatin Induced Nephrotoxicity in Rats ===== ======= 2015 MSc. Toxicology
  Thammer, Mohammed Radhi The Possible Cardioprotective & Nephroprotective Effect of Methanolic Extract of Carthamus Tinctorius (Safflower) Flowers Against Toxicity Induced by Doxyorubicin & Cisplatin in Male Rats ===== ======= 2015 MSc. Toxicology
  Ali, Fatimah Adnan Effects of Administration of Ginkgo Biloba Extract on Absorpition & Distribution of Fluoxetine & Venlafaxine: In Vitro & In Vivo Studies ===== ======= 2015 Ph.D Toxicology
  Ahmed, Wessam Mohammed The Effect of L- Carnitine Supplementation on Blood Measurement of the Glycemic Indices , Lipid Profile & Complete Blood Picture in Iraqi Type II Dibetic Patients Associated with Dyslipidemia ===== ======= 2015 MS.c Toxicology
  Omar, Noor Arkan Effect of Metformin Drug on Some Blood Biomarkers In Women with Endoml eteriosis ===== ======= 2015 MSc. Clinical Biochemistry
  Al-Ateya, Ali Muayad Abbas The Possible Beneficial Effect of Allopurinol in Patients with Systolic    Heart Failure ===== ======= 2015 MS.c Clinical Pharmacy
  Kassab, Nawar Addai Formulation & In Vitro Evaluation of Candesartan Cilexetil Loaded Micrsponges for Oral Drug Delivery System  ===== ======= 2015 MS.c Pharmaceutics
  Ali, Yaser AbdAlSahib Formulation & Evaluation of Ezetimibe Tablets by Incorporating Nanoparticles Technology ===== ======= 2015 MSc. Pharmaceutics
  AL-Jaff, Dlawer Abdul Hameed Impact of Ginseng on the Risk of Myopathy Associated with the Use of Rosuvastatin in Rabbits Model of Dyslipidemia ===== ======= 2015 Ph.D Pharmacology & Toxicology
  Mohammed, Ali Kamas Synthesis & Characterization of Sulfonamide-azetidine Conjugates as new Antibacterial Agents ===== ======= 2015 MSc. Pharmaceutical Chemistry
  Abass, Ali Hussein Synthesis , Characterization & Anti_ Inflammatory Evaluation of New Potentially Active Naproxen Hydrazones ===== ======= 2015 MS.c. Pharmaceutical Chemistry
  Jassim, Ahmed D. Design, Synthesis & Preliminary Cytotoxicity Evaluation of New Chemical Derivatives Liked to D-Penicillamine or 6-Mercaptopurine ===== ======= 2015 Ph.D Pharmaceutical Chemistry
  Shia, Jaafar  Saatar Design, Synthesis , Characterization , Antimicrobial & Cytotoxic Activies of some New Heterocyclic Compounds Derived from Benzoic Acid ===== ======= 2015 Ph.D Pharmaceutical Chemistr
  Abed, Tamara Salem Multiple Organs Protective Effects of Ginkgo Biloba Extract Against Cisplatin Induced Toxicity in Rats ===== ======= 2015 MS.c Pharmacology & Toxicology
  Tizgam, Husam Hamid Preparation & Evaluation of Telmisartan Spongelike Microparticutlues System as Oral Capsules ===== ======= 2015 Ph.D. Pharmaceutics
  Younus, Manal Mohammed Effect of  Selenium Supplementation on Patients with Crohn’s Disease & Ulcerative Colitis Aleardy Treated With Infliximab ===== ======= 2015 Ph.D. Clinical Pharmacy
  Jameel, Murooj Ghazi Serum Levels of Vitamin D & Myeloproxidase Enzyme in Obese Iraqi Women with Fibromyalgia Syndrome ===== ======= 2015 MS.c Clinical Laboratory Sciences
  Naser, Estabraq Hussien Phytochemical Study of Portulaca Oleracea L. Grown in Iraq ===== ======= 2015 MS.c Pharmacognosy
  Noor, Amjed Hussein Formulation & Evaluation of Felodipine Orodispersible Film ===== ======= 2015 MS.C Pharmaceutics
  Jasim, Ihsan Khudhair Formulation & Evaluation of Mouth Dissolving Films of Captopril ===== ======= 2015 MS.C Pharmaceutics
  Mousa, Tariq Hussien Design Synthesis & Preliminary Anti- Inflammatory Evaluation of New Non – Steoridal Anti-Inflammatory Derivatives Containing the 5-(Methylsulfonyl) -1,2,4- Triazole-3-amine ===== ======= 2015 MS.C Pharmaceutical Chemistry
  Kasim, Ali Abdullhussain Biochemical Interaction between Bone & Adipose Tissue in Pristane – Induced Rheumatoid Arthritis in Rats : The Role of Inducible Nitric Oxide Synthesis ===== ======= 2015 Ph.D Clinical Biochemistry
  Mohammed , Banan Abdul Gany Possible Protective Effects of Eicosapentaenoic Acid∕ Docosahexaenoic Acid on Methotrexate – Induced Nephrotoxicity in Rats ===== ======= 2015 MS.C Pharmacology & Toxicology
  Zakri, Noor Mohammed Mohammed The Possible Protictive Effect of Co-Administration of Triple Omega Fatty Acids with Therapeutic Doses of Azithromycin or Clarithromycin on Female Rats Liver ===== ======= 2015 MS.C Pharmacology & Toxicology
  Jumaa, Abeer Kadhim Evaluation of the Efficacy & Safety of Methoxy Polyethlene Glycol Epoetin-Beta in Comarison to Epoetin Alfa in Hemodialysis Patients with Renal Anemia ===== ======= 2015 MS.C Clinical Pharmacy
  Ali, Enas Sami Synthesis & Antibacterial Evaluation of New Conjugates of Sulfonamides & Quinolones as Possible Mutual Prodrugs ===== ======= 2015 MS.C Pharmaceutical Chemistry
  Abbood, Zainab Ali Possible Effect of Low Dose Methylprednisolone (500mg) Against Standard Dose (1000mg) for Treatment of Patients with Relapses of Multiple Sclerosis in Iraqi Hospitals ===== ======= 2015 MS.C Clinical Pharmacy
  Drais , Hayder Kadhim Formulation & Characterization of Carvedilol Nanoemulsion Oral Liquid Dosage Form ===== ======= 2015 MS.C Pharmaceutics
  Al-Timimi, Murooj Luai Study the Effect of Cilindipine , Felodipine & their Ability to Ameliorate Atherosclerosis , Inflammation, Oxidative Stress & Gene Expression in Expermental Hypercholesterolemic Male Rabbits in Comparison with Atrovastatin ===== ======= 2015 Ph.D. Pharmacology
  Najim, Safa Mustafa The Possible Cardio- Protective Effects of Cynarascolymus L. Leaves Different Extracts Against 5-Fluorouracil Induced- Cardiac Toxicity in Female Rats ===== ======= 2015 MS.c Pharmacology & Toxicology
  Hassan, Ali Faris Gentoxic & Cytotoxic Effect Different Extraact of Euphorbia Lathyris Seeds on Hematopoietic Cells of Mice : In Vivo Study ===== ======= 2016 Ph.D Pharmacology & Toxicology
  Sadique, Hayder Jaafar


Preparation & Evaluation of Telmisartan Solid Dispersion Oral Tablet ===== ======= 2016 MS.C Pharmaceutics
  Fadel, Ahmed Yousif Formulation & Evaluation of Lisnopril Dihydrate as Gastroetentive Floating Tablets ===== ======= 2016 MS.C Pharmaceutics
  Anber, Zainab Nazar Hasan Effect of Diazepam on Steroidogenesis & Spermatogenesis in Male Rats ===== ======= 2016 Ph.D Clinical Biochemistry
  Majeed, Mohammed Fawzi Study the Acute & Sub –Acute Anti-Inflammatory Activity of Cynara Scolymus Leaves Different Extracts in Experimental Animal Models ===== ======= 2016 MS.C. Pharmacology & Toxicology
  Ataimish, Ahmed Hamed Jwied Phosphodiesterase Enzyme a Molecular Target for the Treatment of Coloretal Carcinoma Induced in Rats: Comparative Study with 5- Fluorouracil ===== ======= 2016 Ph.D Pharmacology & Toxicology
  Mohammed Ali , Mais Fadhel Formulation & Evaluation of Topical Itraconazole Emulgel ===== ====== 2016 MS.c Pharmaceutics
  Ibrahem, Ruaa Mohammed Phytochemical study of some Medicinal Compounds Present in Agave Americana L. Plant Cultivated in Iraq ===== ======= 2016 MS.c Pharmaconosy
  Jawad, Mohammed S. Preparation & In Vitro Evaluation of Piroxicam Microsponge as a Tablet ===== ======= 2016 MS.c Pharmaceutics
  Mehihi, Abbas Abdularidha Synthesis of 6-mercaptopurine Conjugates with some Amino Acids Through Amide Bond with Expected Biological Study ===== ======= 2016 MS.C Pharmaceutical Chemistry
  Abdulhussein, Shaker A. Synthesis , Characterazation & the Antimicrobioal Evaluation of New 2,5-Disubstituted 1,3,4-Thiadiazole Derivatives ===== ======= 2016 MS.C Pharmaceutical Chemistry
  Abbas,Saied-Quraish Kareem Assessment of Morisky Medication Adherence Scale –eight (MMAS-8) & Knowledge , Attitude & Practice in Sample of Iraqi Type 2 Diabetics Patients ===== ======= 2016 MS.C Clinical Pharmacy
  Al-Tameemi, Kamel Kareem Atiya Formulation & Evaluation of Tenoxicam Liquisolid Compact & Microsystem ===== ======= 2016 MS.C Pharmaceutics
  Soore, Ekhlass Tawfeek Synthesis of 1,3,4-Thiadiazole Derivatives Containing Thioprpanol Amine as Potential β Adrenergic Blocker ===== ======= 2016 MS.C Pharmaceutical Chemistry
  Jaber, Haider Mohammed Evaluation of Respiratory Function & Other Health Problems Among Sawmill Workers in Different Areas of Baghdad City ===== ======= 2016 MS.C Pharmacology & Toxicology
  Hashim,Alaa Abdul Jabbar Formulation & Evaluation of Acyclovir as Buccal Mucoadhesive Hdrogel ===== ======= 2016 MS.C Pharmaceutics
  AL-Iedani,Mohanad Naser Taher Formulation & Evaluation of Nanoemulsions Using Domperidone as a Model Drug for Oral Route ===== ======= 2016 MS.C Pharmaceutics
  Waheed,Mariam Omran Evaluation of the Efficacy & Safety of Coenzyme Q10 in Relapsing Remitting Multiple Sclerosis Patients ===== ======= 2016 MS.C Clinical Pharmacy
  Abd-Allah,Ali Raad Abdil-aziz Adiponection to Leptin Ratio as a Marker of Insulin Resistance in (Obese & Non-Obese) Premenopausal Women Ovary Syndrome ===== ======= 2016 MS.C Clinical Laboratory Sciences
  Jabbar, Esra’a Ghazy Nanostructured Lipid Carriers Based Hydrogel for Trandermal Delivery of Nebivolol Hydrochloride ===== ======= 2016 Ph.D. Pharmaceutics
  Taghi, Hassanien Sagban Preparation & Evaluation of New Modified Cyclodetrin-Based Nanosopnges Using Tenoxicam as a Model Drug ===== ======= 2016 Ph.D.Pharmacetics
  Mohammed, Niazy Burhan Aldin Study the Possible Implementation of Pharmacists Supplementary Prescribing by Clinical Pharmacist in Iraqi Teaching ===== ======= 2016 Ph.D. Clinical Pharmacy
  Jasim, Ali Rahman Phytochemical study of Some Medicinal Compounds Present in the Fruits of Citrus Aurantium & Citrus Reticulata Cultivated in Iraq ===== ======= 2016 Ph.D. Pharmacognosy
  Al_Zaidy, Asaad Hassan Shaker Levels of Serum Intrleukins & Bons Biomarkers as Predictors for Respones to Adalimumab in Iraqi Patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis ===== ======= 2016 Ph.D. Pharmacology & Toxicology
  Utba, Rabab Mohammed Effects of Aliskiren & Azilsartan or Their Combination in Male Rats with High Fat Diet- Induced Fatty Liver Disease ===== ======= 2016 MS.C Pharmacology & Toxicology
  Radeef, Mohanad Yasir Effect of Interleukin-6 Gene Polymorphism on Recombinant Human Erthropoietin Therapy in Iraq Patients with Chronic Kidney Disease on Maintenance Hemodialysis ===== ======= 2016 Ph.D. Clinical Pharmacy
  Al-Daban, Noor Sabah Phytochemical Investagation of Melia Azedarach Cultivated in Iraq ===== ======= 2016 MS.C Pharmacognosy
  Abbood, Sattar Jaber The Therapeutics Effects of Calcium Fructoborate & Sodium Teteraborte as Adjuvant Supplements with Etanercept in Iraqi Patients with Active Rheumatoid Arthritis ===== ======= 2016 Ph.D Pharmacology & Toxicology
  Hamid,Hussein Kamil Phytochemical Investigation of Senecio Vulgaris L. Grown Naturally in Iraq ===== ======= 2016 MS.C Pharmacgonosy
  Al-Nuaimi, Ali Mohammed Ali Hussein Correlation between Serum Irisin, Leptin & Osteocalcin in Obese & Non –Obese Women with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome ===== ====== 2016 Ph.D Clinical Laboratory Sciences
  Al-Usmy, Afrah Thiab Possible Protective & Therapeutic Effects of Eruca Sativa Leaves Extracts Against Gastric Ulcer Induced by Ethanol in Female Rats ===== ======= 2016 MS.C Pharmacology & Toxicology
  Jabar, Alaa Kamal Effects of Co-Administration of Therapeutic Dose of Amoxicillin ∕ Clavulanic Acid (AMC) & Omega-3 Fatty Acids on Albino Rats Liver ===== ======= 2016 MS.C Pharmacology & Toxicology
  Madloul,Haider Jabbar Synthesis ,Characterization & Antimicrobial Activity of New 5-Methoxy-2-Mercapto-Benzimidazole Derivatives ==== ======= 2016 MS.C Pharmaceutical Chemistry
  Mahroos,Mustafa Ihsan Abbas Evaluation of Designed Warfarin Management Program on Iraqi Patients: Pharmacist Intervention ===== Al-Mustansiriyah 2016 MS.C Clinical Pharmacy
  Neamah, Abulfadhel Jaber Formulation & Characterization of Nimodipine as a Oral Nanoemulsion ===== ====== 2017 MS.C Pharmaceutics
  Khadim, Mustafa Egla Design of Zolmittrlptan Liquisolid Orodlspersible Tablets & Their In Vitro & In Vivo Evaluation ===== ====== 2017 MS.C Pharmaceutics
  Sadeq, Zainab Ahmed Study of Some Vairables Affecting the Formulation of Captopril as Mucoadhesive Buccal Patches ===== ======= 2017 MS.C Pharmaceutics
  Mohammed,Zayneb Ahmed The Effect of Coenzyme Q10 Supplement on Breast Cancer In Iraq ===== ======= 2017 MS.C Clinical Pharmacy
  Abod, Nuha Muhammed Phytochemical Study of some Medicinal Compounds Present in Cordia Myxa L.Plant Cultivated In Iraq ===== ======= 2017 MS.C Pharmacognosy
  Kadhim, Dhulfiqar Nidhal Impact of Clinical Pharmacy Education Program on Venous Thromboembolism Prophylaxis for Hospitalized Patients ===== ======= 2017 MS.C Clinical Pharmacy
  Turkey, Raad H. Synthesis , Characterization & Antibacterial Activity of New 5-Ethoxy -2-Mercapto Benimidazole Derivatives  ===== ======= 2017 MS.C Pharmaceutical Chemistry
  Hussain,Suhair Qassim Synthesis of New Sulfamethoxazole Derivatives as Possible Antimicrobial Agents ===== ======= 2017 MS.C Pharmaceutical Chemistry
  Hasan, Hamid Jabbar Design & Evaluation of Pulsatile Delivery System of Fexofenadine Hydroochloride as time Programmed Press-Coated Tablets ===== ====== 2017 MS.C Pharmaceutics
  Noaman, Worood Hameed Formulation & In Vitro Evaluation of Fluticasone Propionate as a Colon Traged Tablets ===== ======= 2017 MS.C Pharmaceutics
  Naser, Alyaa Sami Design, Synthesis & Anti-Inflammatory Evaluation of New 2-amino Heterocyclic Derivatives of Naproxen  ===== ======= 2017 MS.C Pharmaceutical Chemistry
  Mutlag,Shihab Hattab Genotoxic Effects of Different Extracts of Iraqi Creessa Cretica on Hematopoietic & Spleen Cells in Mice : In Vivo Study ===== ======= 2017 Ph.D Pharmacology & Toxicology
  Dakhel , Zainab Abdelhadi Synthesis of New Sulfonamide of Cytosine & 9-Methyladenine Comlemented with Preliminary Anticamcer Activity Study ===== ======= 2017 Ph.D Pharmaceutical Chemistry
  Hamed , Fadil Mohsen Design , Synthesis & Preliminary Evaluation of  Antitumor Activity of New Hydroxamic Acid Derivatives  ===== ======= 2017 Ph.D Pharamaceutical Chemistry
  Fayyadh,Mohammed Shamil Proparation & Characterization of Felodipine Nano Practicale Incorporated in Orodispersible Tablet  ===== ====== 2017 MS.C Pharmaceutics
  Khudhair, Karar Talib Formulation & In –Vitro Evaluation of Floating Microsphires of lafutidine ===== ======= 2017 MS.C Pharmaceutics
  Jabbar, Alaa Kamel Effects of Co _Adiministration of Therapeutic Dose of Amoxicillin ∕Clavulanic Acid (AMC) & Omega Fatty Acids on Albino Rat’s Liver ===== ====== 2016 MS.C Pharmacology & Toxicology
  Naji, Ghada Hamid Study the Effects of Variables on Piroxicam Microsponges Formulated as a Gel for Transdermal Drug Delivery System ===== ======= 2017 MS.C Pharmaceutics
  Abdulla, Sarmad Salam The Relation between Groth Differentiation Factor-15 & Levels of Insulin Anti , Anti Thyroid Preoxidase Antibodies & Thyroid Hormones in Serum of Hypothyroid Patients ===== ===== 2017 Ph.D Clinical Biochemistry
  Ali, Hala Hussien Prepation & Evalution Oral Nanoemulsion & Solid Self Nanoemulsifying Drug Delivery System of Candesaran Cilexetil ===== ======= 2017 MS.C Pharmaceutics
  Abulhamza, Ali Shalal Assessing Health Related Quality of Life Among  Patents with Diabetes Mellitus Type -2 & Lohypetetension in Al-Najaf Provence in Iraqi ===== ===== 2017 Ms.c Clinical Pharmacy
  Jasim, Nazar Awish Design & In Vitro Evaluation of Azilsartan Medoxomid as a Self – Dispersible Drug Nanoruspersion ===== ======= 2017 MS.C Pharmaceutics
  Ahmed, Omer Hussein Photochemical Investagation of Chenopodium Murale Grwon Naturally in Iraq ===== ======= 2017 MS.C Pharmacognosy
  Abdul-Azeez, Zahraa Maan Evalution the Protective Effects of Glutamine on the Acute & Sub-Acute Inflummation Induced in Rats ===== ======= 2017 MS.C Pharmacology & Toxicology
  Abdul-Ridha, Duaa Kadhim Impact of Graded Doses of Pyriodoxine on the Doxorubicin –Induced Cardiotoxicity in Female Rats ===== ======= 2017 MS.C Pharmacology & Toxicology
  Hassan, Farah Ahmed Effects Metformin , Glienclemide , alone or both in Combination on The Serum Visfatin Level in Type 2 Diabetic Patients ===== ===== 2017 MS.C Pharmacology & Toxicology
  Atshan, Dooa Adnan Effects of Vitamin D3 (Cholecalciferal ) Against L- Arginine Induced Acute Pancreatitis Rats ===== ======= 2017 MS.C Pharmacology & Toxicology
  Sabah, Sura Luay Phytochemical Study of some Medicinal Compounds Present in the Seed of Phoenixdactylifera L- Plant Variety Barhee Cultivated in Iraq ===== ======= 2017 MS.C Pharmacognosy
  Hussein, Dena Abbas The Application of Pharmaceutical Care Program on Patients with Dyslipidemia in Acommunity Pharmacy in Baghdad City ===== ======= 2017 MS.C Clinical Pharmacy
  Abd Ali, Abeer Riyadh Uses of the Solid –Phase Extraction & Gas Chromotography –Mass Spectrometry Techniques for Detection of Abused  Substances in the Urine & Hair Samples from some Abusers in Baghdad  ===== ======= 2017 MS.C Pharmacology & Toxicology
  Mhaibes , Sarah Hashim Comparative Study of Blood Levels of Trace Elements & Heavy Metales between Obese & Non – Obese Premenopausal Polycystic Ovary Syndrome Patients ===== ======= 2017 MS.C Clinical Laboratory Sciences
  Abdulqader, Alaa Abduleah Formulation & Evaluation of Taste Masked Oral Dispersible Tablet of Onderansetron Hydrochloride ===== ======= 2017 MS.C Pharmaceutics
  AL-Zubaidi, Ruaa Fadhil Abass Impact of tow Different Doses of Vitamin K2(Menaquinone-7) on Doxorubicin- Induced Cardiotoxicity & Hepatotoxicity in Rats ===== ======= 2017 MS.C Pharmacology & Toxicology
  Nassir, Zahra’a Suhail Phytochemical Investagation of some Active Compenents & Antioxidant Activity of Iraqi Abrus Practorius L. Leguminosae ===== ====== 2017 MS.C Pharmacognosy
  Tamer, Manar Adnan Formulation & In Vitro Evaluation of Bromocriptine Mesylate Fast Dissolving  Oral Film ===== ====== 2017 MS.C Pharmaceutics
  Yaseen, Yahya Saad Synthesis & Biological Evaluation of New Diclofenac Derivatives Having 2-Azetidinone Pharmacophore ===== ====== 2017 MS.C Pharmaceutical Chemistry
  Mohammed, Ihsan Ali Investagation of Solubility Enhancement Approaches of Ticagrelor ===== ======= 2017 MS.C Pharmaceutics


  Hazaa, Suray Abed Formulation & Evaluation of Optimized Zaltoprofen Tablets by Lyophilization ===== ====== 2017 MS.C Pharmaceutics


  Ala Allah, Ali Kathem Darifenacin Hydrobromide Loaded Nanostructured Lipid Carrier for Oral Administration               ===== ====== 2017 MS.C Pharmaceutics


  Dawood, Noor Mohammed Formulation & Characterization of Lafutidine as a Nanosuspension ===== ====== 2018 MS.C Pharmaceutics
  Al-jumaili, Ali Azeez Ali A Systems Approach to Identify Factors Influencing Prevention Detection & Management of Adverse  Drug Events in Nursing Homes ===== University of Lowa 2017 Ph.D Clinical Pharmacy
  Abass, Sumaya Saadi Synthesis & Antimicrobial Evaluation of New Derivatives Derived from 4-(4-nitrophenyl∕ 4-bromophenyl ) Thiazol-2Amine ===== Baghdad 2018 MS.C Phamaceutical Chemistry
  Hussein, Esraa Awad Influence of Patient’s Disease Knowledge, Self Care Activities & Beliefs About Medicine on Glycemic Control Amoung Patients with Tape II Diabetes Mellitus  ===== ====== 2018 MS.C Clinical Pharmacy
  Abdul-ameer, Abdulghffar Role of TNF-alpha, NF-KB & Some Selected Interleukins in Nefopam,Tramadol & Ethaanol Related Multi Organs Damage in Rats ===== ====== 2018 MS.C Toxicology
  Abdulrahim, Nedaa Abdulhameed Synthesis Characterization & Prelminary Antimicrobial Evaluation of New (2-amino-4-(4-Bromophenyl ∕ 4-Chlorophenyl)-1,3Thiazole Derivatives ===== ======= 2018 MS.C Pharmaceutical Chemistry  
  Ahmed, Mina Shihab Preparation & Characterazation of Sumatriptan Timed Delivery System using Comination of Natural & Syntht\etic Polymers ===== ======= 2018 MS.C Pharmaceutics
  Jawad, Hasan Ali M. Synthesis of New Phthalimide Erivatives Utilizing Hyperidization Model as Antidiabetic Agents ===== ======= 2018 Ph.D. Pharmaceutical Chemistry 
  Abdull-Jalil , Thukaa Zuhair Investigation of Phytochemical Constiiituents of Four Parts of Lyium Barbarum Wildly Grown in Iraq with Possible Lipid- Lowering Effect  ===== ======= 2018 Ph.D. Pharmacognosy
  Madloom, Raid M. Studying  Different Variables Affecting Nanocarrier & the in Vitro Solubility of Teniposide by using Carbon Nanotube ===== ======= 2018 Ph.D . Pharmaceutics
  Hasan, Mohammed Khudair Effects of Genetic Polymorphism of Thiopurine Methyl Transferase Enzyme on Red Blood Cells , Plasma Concentration & Clinical Adverse Effects of 6- Mercaptopurine in Some of Iraqi Patients with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia during Maintenance Phase ===== ======= 2018 Ph.D. Clinical Pharmacy
  Khaleel, Raghad Abdulsalam  Possible Protective Effect of  Guggulsterone on Imiquimod _induced Psoriasis – Like Inflammation in Mice ===== ======= 2018 MS. C Pharmacology & Toxicology
  Ameen, Zeyad Abass Role of Aldosterone Osteoprotegerin & Fibroblast Growth Factor -23& some Biomedical Markers in Chronic Kidney Disease Patients (Stage II-IV) Among Patients with or Without Cardiomuloculer Events ===== ====== 2018 MS.C Clinical Pharmacy
  Mukhelif, Safaa Fakher Formulation & Evaluation of Candesartan Cilexetil Solid Super SAturable Self –Emulsifyiry Drug Delivery System ===== ======= 2018 Ph.D. Pharmaceutics
  Alyshya, Zinah Essam Hameed Phytochemical , Antiroliferative & Antioxidant Investigation of Althaea Iudwigii L. Wildly Grown in Iraq ===== ======= 2018 MS.C Pharmacognosy 
  Hasan, Hayder Taher Phytochemical Investigation & Prelminary Antiviral Activity of Corchorus Olitorius L. Leaves & Seed Cultivated in Iraq ===== ======= 2018 MS.C Pharmacognosy
  Jebur, Nisreen Jumaah Assessment of Quality of Life ,Adherence to Medication & Belief about Medication among Iraqi Inflammatory Bowel Disease Patients ===== ======= 2018 MS.C Clinical Pharmacy
  Yahya , Ruaa Natiq Assessment of Satisfaction about Disease Modifying Therapies & Quality of Life Among Relapsing Multiple Sclerosis Patients in Iraq ===== ====== 2018 MS.C Clinical Pharmacy
  Abduljababar, Haider Hussein Preparation & Dissolution Enhancement of Tamoxifen Citrate Orodispersible Tablets Using Soluplus Via Solid Dispersion ===== ====== 2018 MS.C Pharmaceutics
  Hareeja, Marwah Mohammed Formulation and Evaluation of Spherical Crystal Agglomerates of Ebastine for Preparation of Directly Compressible Oral Dispersible Tablets ===== ======= 2018 MS.C Pharmaceutics
  Noor , Ala’a Dheia Formulation & Evaluation of Silymarin Microcrystsals by In –Situ Micronoization Technique ====== ======= 2018 MS.C Pharmaceutics
  Ali, Inas Abdulmohsin Serum Levels of Undercarboxylated Osteocalcin & Fiberblast Growth Factors -23 in Male Type Diabetic Patients with Carotid Artery Cacification Associated with or without Cardiovascular Disease  ===== ======= 2018 MS.C Clinical Pharmacy
  Noor Yousif Fareed Formulation and Evaluation of Acyclovir Microsponge as Controlled Release Topical Gel ===== ===== 2018 MS.C Pharmaceutics
  Radhi, Zainab Abdulmohsin Hadi Preparation & Evaluation of Extended Release Rebamipide Ocular Insert ==== ====== 2018 MS.C Pharmaceutics
  Ahmed , Ahmed Mohammed A Retrospective Pharmacovigilance Study of The Antibiotics Related Adverse Drug Reactions Depending on Iraqi Health Institutes Database Reports ===== ====== 2018 MS.C Clinical Pharmacy
  Oraibi, Amjad Ibrahim Phytochemical Investigation of Aerial Parts of Calotropis Procera Plant Cultivated in Iraq ===== ====== 2018 MS.C Pharmacognosy
  AL-Ani, Yamamah Khalid Abdulmoeed Phytochemical and Biological investigation of Iraqi Atriplex nummulria leaves


===== ======= 2018 MS.C Pharmacognosy
  Al-Rekabi, Dalia Ghassan Salman Phytochemical Investigation Study of Sonchus Oleraceus L. Cultivated in Iraq Asteraceae ===== ====== 2018 MS.C Pharmacognosy
  Shawkat , Ali Jalal Assessing Quality of Life , Clinical Effectiveness , Depression & Satisfaction in Patients with Beta Thalasemia Major Receiving Different Iron Chelation Therapies in a Sample of Iraqi  Patients ===== ======= 2018 MS.C Clinical Pharmacy
  Hussien, Zainab Ali Formulation & Characterization Brommocriptine Mesylate as Oral Liquid & Solid Self Emulsifying Drug Delivery System ===== ======= 2018 MS.C Pharmaceutics
  Ibraheem, Faten Qais Formulation & In Vitro Evaluation of Baclofen Microsponage as Floating Tablets ===== ======= 2018 MS.C Pharmaceutics
  Ibrahim, Manal Abdulkhaliq Effects of Vitamin E & Coenzyme Q10 Against Doxorubicin- Induced Neurotoxicity in Rats : Role in Apoptsis , Neuroinflammation & Oxidative Stress ===== ======= 2018 MS.C Pharmacology & Toxicology
  Abdul Jabbar, Alyaa Abdul sattar The Possible Protective Effect of Mentha Spicata Leaves Extracts Against Irinoteccan- Induced Intestinal Mucositis in Mice ===== ======= 2019 MS.C Pharmacology & Toxicology
  Hassan, Omeed Muhsin Synthesis , Characterization & Preliminary Anti – Inflammatory Evaluation of New Etodolac Hydrazones ===== ======= 2019 MS.C Pharmaceutical Chemistry
  Ali, Ahmed Hussein Enhancement of Solubility & Dissolution Rate Improvement of Atrovastatin Calcium using Nanosuspension Technique ===== ======= 2019 MS.C Pharmaceutics
  Abdullateef, Asmaa Safawan Synthesis & Preliminary Evaluation of Anticancer Activity of 6-Mercaptopurine & Methotraxate Conjugates as a Possible Mutual Prodrug ===== ======= 2019 MS.C Pharmaceutical Chemistry
  Ali, Mustafa Hussein Synthesis , Characterization & Preliminary Evaluation of Anti –Inflammatory Activity of New Mefenamic Acid Derivatives Containing 4-Thiazolidnone Moiety ===== ======= 2019 MS.C Pharmaceutical Chemistry
  Tawfik, Mayada Riadh Synthesis , Characterization & Preliminary Anti- Inflammatory & Antibacterial Evaluation of New Ibuprofen – Pyrazolines Conjugate using Glycine Spacer ===== ======= 2019 MS.C Pharmaceutical Chemistry
  Khudair, Oun Deli Synthesis & Characterizations of Dipeptide Derivatives of Gentamicin ===== ===== 2019 MS.C Pharmaceutical Chemistry
  Tamer, Anwar Adnan Synthesis of Acetylenic Derivatives of Substituted 1, 3, 4-Thiadiazole and its Preliminary Antimicrobial Evaluation ===== ======= 2019 MS.C Pharmaceutical Chemistry
  Al-Talkani, Ahmed Falah Pharmacogenomic Study to Evaluate the Prevalence & Impact of Genetic Polymorphisms Associated with Irinotecan Toxicity in a Sample in Iraqi Cancer Patients ===== ======= 2019 MS.C Clinical Pharmacy
  Shihab, Ikram K. Synthesis , Characterization & Preliminary Anticancer Study of Pyrrolidine Dithiocarbamate Conjugates with 5- Fluorouracil & 6- Mercaptopurine as Possible Mutual Anticancer Prodrugs ===== ======= 2019 MS.C Pharmaceutical Chemistry


  AL-Mudhaffer, Alhasan Mujtaba AbdulWahid The Effect of Spironolactone on the Inciddence of Acute Kidney Injury in Patients with Stable Ischemic Heart Disease Admitted for Coronary Catheterization ===== ======= 2019 Ph.D. Clinical Pharmacy
  Abed, Haithem Najmuldeen Dabigatran Etexilate Loaded Nanostructured Lipid Carriers: Formulation, Evaluation & EX- Vivo Intestinal Permeation ===== ====== 2019 Ph.D. Pharmaceutics
  Abbas, Ishraq Kadhim Formulation & In – Vitro Evaluation of Darifenacin Hydrobromide as Buccal Films ===== ======= 2019 MS.C Pharmaceutics 
  Dahash, Rajaa Abbas Formulation & Evaluation of Lacidipine as a Nanoemulsion ===== ======= 2019 MS.C Pharmaceutics 
  Al-Joda, Ali Mahmoud Shaker Evaluating the Protective effect of Guggulsterone Against the Cyclophosphamide Toxicity ===== ======= 2019 MS.C Pharmacology & Toxicology
  Jasim, Nibras Hasaballah  

 Evaluation the Genotoxicity of Artificial Food Flavoring in Cells of Bone Marrow and Spleen in Mice

===== ======= 2019 MS.C Pharmacology & Toxicology
  Al-Kufi, Hussein Kadhim Jawad Formulation & Evaluation of Sumatriptan as Mucoadhesive Thermosensitive In –Situ Interanasal ==== ======= 2019 MS.C Pharmaceutics
  Abdul-Rahman, Mustapha M. Solubility & Dissolution Rate Enhancement of Etoricoxib by Solid Dispersion to be Formulated as Effervecent Granules ==== ======= 2019 MS.C Pharmaceutics
  Rasheed, Asmaa Mohammad Formulation & In –Vitro Evaluation of Intraconazole as Oral Self- Dispersible Nanosuspension ==== ======= 2019 MS.C Pharmaceutics
  Abduljabar, Aysha Muthanna Evaluation of Professional Attitude & Experiences of Off-Label Drug Prescribing Practice Among Physicians in Baghdad City Hospitals ==== ======= 2019 MS.C Clinical Pharmacy
  Ali, Samer Khalid Preparation & Evaluation of Solid Dispersion Adsorbate of Atorvastatin Calcium as a Tablet Dosage Form ==== ======= 2019 MS.C Pharmaceutics
  Hameed, Iman Ghanim Possible Protective Effects of Hydrochlorothiazide Zonisamide & Formoterol on Tenofovir- Induced Nephrotoxicity in Male Rats ==== ======= 2019 Ph.D Pharmacology & Toxicology
  Adeeb, Adeeb Ragheed Preparation In Vitro Evaluation of Transdermal Microneedle Patch Using Lornoxicam as a Model Drug ==== ======= 2019 MS.C Pharmaceutics
  Al_saad, Hiba Najeh Design ,Docking Study & Synthesis of New Captopril Derivatives & Evaluation of Their Angiotensin Converted Enzyme Inhibition & Antiplatelet Activities ==== ====== 2019 Ph.D Pharmaceutical Chemistry
  Abd, Ahmed Khadhum A Cohort Retrospective Study for Assessment of Adverse Event Following Immunization Based on Iraqi Pharmacovigilance Center Data ==== ======= 2019 MS.C Clinical Pharmacy
  Muhsin , Suha Nadem  

 Evaluating the Incidence of Collateral Damage (Diarrhea) Induced by Ciprofloxacin or Levofloxacin and the Protective Activity of Lactobacillus in sample of Iraqi Patients

==== ====== 2019 MS.C Clinical Pharmacy
  Salim,Fahad Faris  Formulation & Characterization of Piroxicam as Oral Solid Self-Nano Emulsifying Drug Delivery System ==== ======= 2019 MS.C Pharmaceutics
  Sadoon, Noor Abdullah Formulation & In Vitro Evaluation of Isradipine as a Nanoemulsion ==== ======= 2019 MS.C Pharmaceutics
  Najaf, Hanan Najem Health- Related Quality of Life Among a Sample of Chronic Hepatitis B & C Patients in Al-Najaf Province / Iraq ==== ======= 2019 MS.C Clinical Pharmacy
  Mohammad, Duraid Hamid Design, Synthesis & Docking Studies of Acyl Thiourea Derivatives & Primary Amide Derivatives as a New Class of Possible Histone Deacetylase Inhibitors for Targeting Cancer Cell ==== ======= 2019 Ph.D. Pharmaceutical Chemistry
  Dahham, Ihab Preparation  &Characterization of Topical Letrozole Nanoemultion for Breast Cancer ==== ====== 2019 MS.C Pharmaceutics
  Majeed, Israa Ahmed Effects of Omega-3 Co-Administration with Therapeutics Dose Meloxicam or Lornoxicam on Male Rats Liver ==== ======= 2019 MS.C Pharmacology
  Ezghayer, Mohammed Ali Phytochemicals Investigation of Populus Euphratica Oliv. Leaves Naturally Grown In Iraq ==== ======= 2019 MS.C Pharmacognosy
  Hasan, Angham Ahmed Evaluation the Risk Factors That Are Associated With Osteoporosis in Post  Kidney Transplantation in A Sample Of Iraqi Patients ==== ======= 2019 MS.C Clinical Pharmacy
  Qasim, Rabab Hashim Phytochemical Investigation & Antiangiogenic Examination of Iraqi Vigna Radiata L.Seeds & Sprouts ==== ======= 2020 MS.C Pharmacognosy
  Faiq,Mirna Kifah Assessment of Adherence to Medication Belief About & Quality of Life Among Iraqi Rheumatoid Arthritis Patients ==== ======= 2019 MS.C Clinical Pharmacy
  Mahmood,Mustafa Kazum Pharmacist-led Intervention to Minimize Potentially Inappropriate Prescribing in Geriatric Patients Admitted to Psychiatric Hospital in Baghdad ==== ======= 2019 MS.C Clinical Pharmacy
  AbdulMajeed, Majeed Nabeel Comparative Study for the Effecacy of Paracetamol, Diclofenac & Ketorolac on Post –Appendectomy Outcomes in Children & Adolescents ==== ======= 2019 MS.C Clinical Pharmacy
  Hamed , hiba Ezzat Preparation , In-Vitro & ex-Vivo Evaluation of Mitrazapine Nanosuspension & Nanoparticles Incorporated in Orodispersible Tablets ===== ======= 2020 Ph.D. Pharmaceutics
  Hussein,Shahad Ammar  Evaluation of The Myeloprotective and Immunomodulatory Effects of Nigella sativa Seed Oil in Cyclophosphamide- Induced Myelosuppression in Mice ==== ======= 2020 MS.C Pharmacology & Toxicology
  Ajeel, Zainab Hussein Phytochemical Study & Exvalution of Antioxidant Activity for Capsule & Root of Cynara ScolyCulivated in Iraq ==== ======= 2020 MS.C Pharmacognosy
  Kareem, Akram Hassan Assessment of Adherence to Medications , Belief About Medications & Health-Related Quality of Life Among a Sample of Asthmatic Chronic Obsthmatic & Chronic Obstractive Pulmonary Disease Iraqi Patients ( A Comparative Study) ==== ======= 2020 Ms.C Clinical Pharmacy
  Hussein, Shahad Ammar Evaluation of the Myeloprotective & Immunomodulatory Effects of NIGELLA SATIVA Seed Oil in Cyclophosphamide-Induced Myelosuppression In Mice ==== ====== 2020 MS.C Toxicology
  Abed, Ban Abdul Ameer Thyroid Hormone Replacement Therapy: A Study of Some Facters (Bod

y Mass Index, Duration of Treatment, Supplements Use , Etiology, & Vitamin D ) on Dose Estimation in a Sample of Iraq Female Hypothyroidism Patients

==== ======= 2020 MS.C Clinical Pharmacy
  Tawfeeq, Mostafa Fayze Synthesis , Characterization, & In Vitro Evaluation of New Compounds Using 1,3,4-Oxadiazole as Scaffold Unit ==== ====== 2020 MS.C Pharmaceutical Chemistry
  Sulaiman, Ahmed Talal Synthesis , Characterization & Preliminary Antimicrobial Evaluation of New Indole – Based Derivatives ==== ====== 2020 MS.C Pharmaceutical Chemistry
  Basheer, Taha Abdulqader Formulation & In –Vitro Evalution Itraconazole Floating Microparticles as Capsule ==== ====== 2020 MS.C Pharmaceutics
  Hussein, Asmaa Mahdi Phytochemical Investagations & Immunomodultory Effect Evaluation of Capparis Spinosal. Naturally Grown In Iraq ==== ======= 2020 MS.C Pharmacognosy
  Hameed, Ahmed Majid Pharmacovigilance Analysis of Anticancer – Related Problems Reported to Iraqi Pharmacovigilance Center ==== ======= 2020 MS.C Clinical Pharmacy
  Abdul Hadi, Halah Abdulsahib Synthise & Preliminary Antimicrobial Activity Evaluation of New N- Substituted Phthalimide Derivitives ===== ======= 2020 MS.C Pharmaceutical Chemistry
  Kareem, Ashwaq Taleb Preliminary Phytochemical Investagation of Borage ( Borago Officinlis L.) Cultivated in Iraq ==== ======= 2020 MS.C Pharmacognosy
  Mohammed, Thamer Abdulla Possible Protective Effect of Artemisia Dracunculus on Imiquimod –Induced Psoriasis-Like Inflammation in Mice ==== ======= 2020 MS.C Pharmacology
  Ismail, Adnan Mustafa Estimation of Serum CD200 & CD200R1 Levels in a sample of Iraqi Women with Breast Cancer Their Role as Diagnostic & Prognostic Makers ==== ====== 2020 MS.C Clinical Biochemistry
  Khaleefah, Ahmed Saadi Phytochemical Investigations for Aerial Parts of Ephedra Foliata Boiss Indigenous in Iraq ==== ======= 2020 MS.C Pharmacognosy
  Sabri, Lubna Abdulkarim Nebivolol  Hydrochloride- Loaded Supersaturable self Nanoemulsion: Formulation, In Vitro & Ex-Vivo Evaluation ===== ======= 2020 Ph.D. Pharmaceutics
  Naji, Zahraa Mohammed Ali Serum Bone Morphogenetic Proteins Hepcidin Ferroportin, Chitotriosidase & Alkaline Phosphatase Activity as Tumor Markers in Detection & Staging of Breast Cancer ===== ======== 2020 Ph.D Clinical Biochemistry
  Salman, Ali Sabah Fetuin A, Resistin , & Interleukin (13,19,38) Levels in the Serum of Patients with Multiple Myeloma ==== ======= 2020 Ph.D Clinical Biochemistry
  Jasim, Ali Lateef Evaluation of Clinical Outcomes of Differants Medication Regimens Used for Treatinga Sample of Iraqi Asthmatic Patients in Baghdad City ==== ======= 2020 Ph.D Clinical Pharmacy
  Ali, Maha Mahdi Preparation & Chraracterization of Etoposide –Loaded Gold Nanoparticles ==== ====== 2020 Ph.D. Pharmaceutics
  Attyia , Zainab Ahmed The Impact of Adherence to Therapy on Serum Chitotriosidase Level and Nephropathic Complications

among Iraqi Cystinotic Children: A Case-Control Study

==== ====== 2020 MS.C Clinical Pharmacy
  Abdulridha, Sarah Haider Assessment of Quality of Life & Belief about Medications Among a Sample of Iraqi Patients with Psoriasis   ==== ======= 2020 MS.C Clinical Pharmacy
  Jewad, Hani Ghassan Medication Safety in Iraqi Patients Under 18 Years Old ;a Retrospective Study Based on Iraqi Pharmacovigilance Center Database ==== ======= 2020 MS.C Clinical Pharmacy
  Al-hajjaj, Waleed Khalid Ghanim Prophylactic Effects of Vitamin B2 & Vitamin B12 Against Nephrotoxicity & Myelosuppression Induced by Cyclophosphamide ==== ======= 2020 Ph.D Pharmacology & Toxicology
  Noor, Amjed Hussein Dissolvable Microneedle Patches-Mediated Transdermal Delivery of Controlled Release Ondansteron HCl Nanoparticle ==== ======= 2020 Ph.D Pharmaceutics
  Jasim, Ihsan Khudhair Nanosponages Based Gastroretenative Drug Delivery System of 5- Flourourouracil for Gastric Cancer Treatment ==== ======= 2020 Ph.D Pharmaceutics
  Abdul-Wahab, Farah Kais Effect of Vitamin D3 Administered at Two Different Durations on Methotrexate – Induced Jejunum Damage in Rats ==== ======= 2020 Ph.D Pharmacology & Toxicology
  Kadhim, Haider Mohammed Phytochemical Investigation of Cucurbita Pepo L. Var Pepo Leaves Cultivated in Iraq ==== ======= 2020 MS.C Pharmacognosy
  Jabbar, Thaer Lateef Serum Levels of Retinol Binding Protein -4 & its Association with some Chronic Diabetes Complications In Sample of Iraqi Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus Patients Receiving Different Antidiabetic Therapies ==== ======= 2020 MS.C Clinical Pharmacy
  Al-Tamimi, Duaa Jaafar Jaber Preparation, In_Vitro & Ex-Vivo Evaluation of Tacrolimus as a Solid Self- Microemulsifying Drug Delivery System ==== ======= 2020 Ph.D Pharmaceutics
  AL-Obaidi, Imad Adnan Abd Assessment of Genotoxic & Oxdative Strees Potential with Sub- Acute Maximum Therapeutic Doses of Fluoxtine & Amitriptyline in Liver , Testis & Bone Marrow of Expermental Male Rats ==== ======= 2020 MS.C Pharmacology & Toxicology
  Alasdy, Alaa Majed Abdul Raheem Phytochemical & Intioxdant Investagation of Aerial Parts of Cardaria Draba L. Grown Naturally in Iraq ==== ======= 2020 MS.C Pharmacognosy
  Alhagiesa, Areej Wahhab Formulation & Evaluation of Nimodipine Nanoparticals As Orodispersible ==== ======= 2020 MS.C Pharmaceutics
  Alwan, Rusul Mohammed Formulation & Characterization Selexipag Nanoparticals as Oral Capsule Dosage Form ==== ======= 2020 MS.C Pharmaceutics
  Al_Zubaydi, Firas Falih Hamudi Evaluating Nanoformulation  Approaches for Enhaning Therapeutics Outcomes in Ductal Carcinoma in Situ (DCIS) ==== ======= 2020 Ph.D Pharmaceutics
  Hussein,Lina Salim Formulation & In Vitro Evaluation of Ebastine Surface Solid Dispersion as an Oral Solid Dosage Form ==== ======= 2020 MS.C Pharmaceutics
  Sayhood, Ahmed Hussein Assessment of the Clinical Pharmacy by Physicians, Nurses & Ward-Based Pharmacists at Different Hospitals in Baghdad City ==== ======= 2020 MS.C Clinical Pharmacy
  Ghaleb, Serror AbdulAmeer Investigation of Some Phytochemical Compounds Found in Anchusa Strigosa L. Grown Naturally In Iraq ==== ======= 2020 MS.C Pharmacognosy
  Mohammed, Yaqeen Waleed Synthesis , Characterazation & Preliminary Pharmacological Evaluation of Possible Mutual Prodrugs of Different Antioxidants With Quinolone Antibacterial Agents ==== ======= 2020 MS.C Pharmaceutical Chemistry
  Hussien, Rawaa Mohammed Formulation & In Vitro Evaluation of Isradipine as Nanopracticles ==== ======= 2020 MS.C Pharmaceutics
  Alsharifi, Nabigh A Naji Evaluation of Serum Total Carnitine Level in Iraqi Clomlphene Resistant-Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome Women in Reation to Serum Level of Soluble Receptors for Advance Glycation End Products ==== ======= 2020 MS.C Clinical Chemistry
  Jasim, Basma Shakir Assessing Patients Safety Culture Among a Sample of Iraqi Community Pharmacists ==== ======= 2020 MS.C Clinical Pharmacy
  Mahdi, Farah Abdulkareem The Protective Effect of Safranal on Selenite- Induced Cataractogensis in Rat Pups ==== ======= 2020 MS.C Pharmacology & Toxicology
  Alwan, Mustafa Hasan Phytochemical Investigation of Convolvulus Arvensis L. Grown in Iraq ==== ======= 2020 MS.C Pharmacognosy
  Talib, Aya Fawzi The Role of Clinical Pharmacist in Identifying & Reducing Drug Related Problems Among Iraqi Patients on Maintenance Hemodialysis ==== ======= 2020 MS.C Clinical Pharmacy
  Ahmed, Maadh Hussein Synthesis , Characterization & Preliminary Anti _ Inlammatory & Antimicrobacterial Evaluation of New Hetrocyclic – Coumarin Conjugates ==== ======= 2020 MS.C Pharmaceutical Chemistry
  Khudhair, Wasan Amer Synthesis , Characterization & Prelimenary Anti –Microbial Evaluation of New Indole -3- Propiotic Acid Derivatives ==== ======= 2020 MS.C Pharmaceutical Chemistry
  Saleh, Mena Ziad The Impact of Iraqi Pharmacovigilance Center Notifications about Substandard & Falsified Medicatios in the Private Sector ==== ====== 2020 MS.C Clinical Pharmacy
  Kamal, Ayia Nazum Comparative Study The Levels of Different Types of Heavy Metals & Trace Elements between both Physiological & Pathological Jaundice in Iraqi Neonates ==== ======= 2020 MS.C Pharmacology & Toxicology
  Al-Tememy, Dhiya Raheem Joda Preparation & Characterization of Mesoporous Silica Nanoparticals as a Drug Delivery System of Tioguanine for Leukaemia ==== ====== 2020 Ph.D Pharmaceutics
  Hasan, Ali Khalaf Impact of Serum Level of L-Carnitine on Chitotriosidase in Women with Gestational Diabetes Compared to T2DM Pregnant Iraqi Women ==== ====== 2020 MS.C Clinical Chemistry
  Ahmed, Halla Abdalkareem Evaluation of Liver Protection & Immunomodulation of Thymoquinone & Naringin Against Concanavalin A Inducid Liver Damage in Mice ==== ======= 2020 MS.C Pharmacology & Toxicology
  Shakir, Tayseer Hamid Synthesis , Characterization & Preliminary Antimicrobial Evaluation of Schiff Bases of Sulfanilamide & 4-(Methyl Sulfonyl) Aniline with N- Benzyl Isatin Derivatives ==== ======= 2020 MS.C Pharmaceutical Chemistry
  Abbas, Ban Waleed Evaluation of the Protective Effect of Carvone & Limonene in Irinotecan- Induced  Mucositis in Mice ==== ======= 2020 MS.C Pharmacology & Toxicology
  Abdul Jabbar, Tareq Talal Synthesis & Characterization of New Coumarin Derivative as Antimicrobial Agents === ======= 2020 MS.C Pharmaceutical Chemistry
  Kareem, Elham Hassan Phytochemical Invetigation of Salvia Palaestina L. Widely Grown in Iraq ==== ======= 2020 MS.C Pharmacognosy
  Jihad, Haider Mohammed Formulation & In Vitro Evaluation of Gastrotensive Superporous Hydrogel as Capsules Using Carvedilol as a Model Drug ==== ======= 2020 MS.C Pharmaceutics
  AlHassani, Hiba Radhi Muhsen Formulation & In Vitro Evaluation of Meloxicam Solid Dispersion Using Muco-Protective Natural Polymers for Different Pharmaceutical Dosage Form ==== ======= 2020 MS.C Pharmaceutics
  Mohammed, Zahraa Bassim Synthesis & Preliminary Biological Study of Gabapentin- Antioxidants Conjugate as a Mutual Prodrug ==== ======= 2021 MS.C Pharmaceutical Chemistry
  Ali, Ban Ibrahim Synthesis , Characterization of Pyrazoline-Dithiocarbamate Derivatives with Expected Biological Activity ==== ======= 2021 MS.C Pharmaceutical Chemistry
  Al-Kawak, Rasha Saadi Younus Lornoxicam –Loaded Cubosomes : Preparation & Characterization ==== ======= 2021 MS.C Pharmaceutics
  Ahmed, Zainab Haroon Anti –Inflammatory Activity of Gggulsterone in Rats’Asthmatic Model Induced by Ovalbumin ==== ======= 2021 Ph.D Pharmacology & Toxicology
  Jarullah, Hayder Huwais Measurement of Some Biomarkers Level in the Serum for Early Detection of Diabetic Nephropathy in Iraq Patients with Type 2 Diabetes ==== ======= 2021 MS.C Clinical Chemistry
  Atiyah, Khanssa Hussein Phytochemical Investigation of Dianthus Orientalis F: Caryophyllaceae Wildly Grown in Iraq ==== ======= 2021 MS.C Pharmacognosy
  Lafta, Amenah Ayad Phytochemical Invetigation of some Active Constituents in ( Papver rhoeas L.) Plant Wildly Grown in Iraq ==== ======= 2021 MS.C Pharmacognosy
  Khudhair, Alaa Radhi The Possible Protective Effects of Two Different Doses of Lutein Against Topoisomerase Enzyme Inhibitors Toxicity in Rats ==== ====== 2021 Ph.D Pharmacology & Toxicology
  Hashim, Alaa Abdul-Jabbar Oral Anastrozole Loaded Nanostructured Lipid Carries: In –Vitro & EX-Vivo Studying ==== ======= 2021 Ph.D Pharmaceutics
  Karim, Victoria Saad Evaluating the Protective Effect of Safranal Against the Cyclohosamide Induced Liver Toxicity in Rats ==== ======= 2021 MS.C Pharmacology & Toxicology
  Jasim, Walaa Hamid Phytochmical Study of Heliotropium Europaeum L. (F;Boraginaceae) Wildly Grown in Iraq & Antioxidant Activity Evaluation ==== ======= 2021 MS.C Pharmacognosy
  Hmood, Kassim Salman Synthesis , Docking Study & Preliminary Cytotoxic Evaluation of New Flurbiprofen Derivitives ==== ====== 2021 Ph.D. Pharmaceutical Chemistry
  Hassan, Mohammad Jasim Phytochemical Investigation of Some Chemical Constituents Present in ( Vicia Villosa L.) Family: Fabaceae Wildly Grown In Iraq ==== ======= 2021 MS.C Pharmacognosy
  Raheemah, Dheyaa Abdulhasan Preparation & In –Vitro Evaluation of Seenidazole as Mucoadhesive Thermosensitive Oral In Situ Gel ==== ======= 2021 MS.C Pharmaceutics
  Jabar, Hayder Imad Formulation & In –Vitro Evaluation of Risperidone as Nanoarticales ==== ======= 2021 MS.C Pharmaceutics
  Naji, Hasanain Amer Design, Synthesis , Preliminary Kinetic Study & Biological Evaluation of Doxorubicin _ Carbonic Anhydrase Inhibitors Conjugates for Targeting Cancer Cell ==== ====== 2021 Ph.D. Pharmaceutical Chemistry
  Sagheer, Othman Makki Design & Synthesis of Hybrid Biguanides Analogues of Histone De-Acetylase Inhibitors & Studing Their Anticancer Activity ==== ======= 2021 Ph.D. Pharmaceutical Chemistry
  Toma ,Nawar Michael Preparation & Evaluation of Microneedles- Mediated Transdermal Delivery6 of Montelukast Sodium Nanoparticles ==== ======= 2021 Ph.D. Pharmaceutics
  Mahmood- Helmi, Ammar Ihsan Design, Docking Study, Synthesis & Anti –EGFR Enzyme Evaluation of New Flufenamic 1,3,4- Thiadiazole & 1,2,4- Triazole Derivatives ==== ====== 2021 Ph.D Pharmaceutical Chemistry
  Al-Jibbawi, Ameer Sabah Sahib Preparation & In Vitro , Ex Vivo & In Vivo Evaluation of Targeted Chlorambucil- Loaded Nanolipid Carrier for Treatment of Breast Cancer ==== ======= 2021 Ph.D. Pharmaceutics
  Wennas, Osamah Neamah Design, Synthesis & Evaluation of Cellulose NanoWhiskers for 6 Mercaptopurine & Camptothecin as a Possible Drug Delivery System for Cancer Therapy ==== ======= 2021 Ph.D Pharmaceutical Chemistry
  Al-Sarraf, Mays Abd Munaf Preparation & In – Vitro & Ex- Vivo Characterization of Zaltoprofen Loaded Nanostructured Lipid Carrier Based Gel for Topical Delivery ==== ======= 2021 Ph.D. Pharmaceutics
  Al-Joboori, Aminah Ali Abid Levels of Steroides & Endometrial Proteins as Infertility Makers in Women with Reproductive Pathologies of Immune Origin Australia University of NewCastle  Australia 2021 Ph.D Clinical Chemistry
  Mahmood,Hasanain Shakir Formulation & Characterization of Flubiprofin Nanoparticle Loaded Microneedles for Transdermal Delivery Baghdad Baghdad University 2021 Ph.D. Pharmaceutics
  Mohammed , Hussein Abdelamir Interavesical Tacrolimus Lipid Polymer Hybrid Nanoparticales Loaded Thermosensitive Gel ====== ========= 2021 Ph.D. Pharmaceutics
  Nasser, Sanarya Thamer Design, Preparation & In – Vitro Evaluation of Novol Ocular Antifungal Nanoemulsion using Posaconazole as a Model Drug ======= ========== 2021 Ph.D. Pharmaceutics
  Abbas, Ali Hussein Synthesis , Docking Study & Cytotoxic Evaluation of New 2-Pyridine Derivatives ======= ========= 2021 Ph.D Pharmaceutical Chemistry
  Ahmed, Omer Hussein Phytochemical & Cytotoxic Studies of Methanolic Extrats of Rumexx Acetosella Leaves Naturally Grown In Iraq ====== ======== 2021 Ph.D Pharmacognosy
  Salman, Ahmed H. Preparation & Evaluation of Etoricoxib Nanosponage as Topical Hydrogel Delivery System ======= ========= 2021 MS.C Pharmaceutics
  Esmail, Nour Rasim Phytochemical Investigation, Isolation of New Medicinal Compounds & Evaluation of Anti- Inflammatory Activity of Parthenocissus Quinquefolia Cultivated in Iraq ======= ========= 2021 MS.C Pharmacognosy
  AlQrimli, Ayah Fadhil Abbas Phytochemical Investigation & Isolation of Some Bioactive Compounds Present in Euphorbia milii Cultivated in Iraq & Evaluation Of Antiangiogenic Activity of Its Ethyl Acetate Fraction ====== ========= 2021 MS.C Pharmacognosy
  Abdulraheem, Shams Sabeeh Synthesis & Characterization of New Counmarin Hydazide Derivatives as Possible Antimicrobial Agents ======== ========= 2021 MS.C Pharmaceutical Chemistry
  Khadhem, Noor Abdullah Design, Synthesis & Biological Evaluation of New Imidazole Derivative as Antimicrobial & Anti- Inflammatory Agent in Compparison with Metronidazole & Diclofenac Sodium Experimental Mice ======= ======== 2021 MS.C Pharmacology
  Sadeq, Alaa Tareq The Possible Protective Effect of Safranal on Lipopoiysaccharide- Induced Acute Lung in Mice ====== ========== 2021 MS.C Pharmacology
  Abid, Maryam Rasheed The Possible Effect of Fimasartan & a- Tocopherol in the Treatment of Methotrexate- Induced Nephrotoxicity in Rats ======= ======== 2021 MS.C Pharmacology
  Abood, Mais Abdul-Ridah Phytochemical Investigation of Some Active Constituents & Evaluation of Conyza Canadensis ( F: Asteraceae ) Grown Naturally In Iraq ======= ========== 2021 MS.C Pharmacognosy
  Khalaf, Hadel Amer Evaluation of the Anti- Inflammatory & Antioxidant Effect of Dried Powder Crab Shell & Whole Crab in Comparison with Diclofenac Sodium & Dexamethasone in Inflammatory Models  ======= ========= 2021 MS.C Pharmacology
  Hasan, Elaaf Fadhil A Study Adverse Drug Reactions to Biological Therapy Based on Iraqi Pharmacovigilance Center Data ======= ======== 2021 MS.C Clinical Pharmacy
  Abdulrazaq, Areej Atheer Gender Differences in Advese Drug Reactions Among Adults Cases Reported to the Iraqi Pharmacovigilance Center ======= ======== 2021 MS.C Clinical Pharmacy
  Fahmi, Hiba Leith The Experience of Physicians & Pharmacists in Public Hospitals with Difference Between Reference Medicines & Their Biosimilar Counterparts in Terms of Safety & Effectiveness ======= ========= 2021 MS.C Clinical Pharmacy
  Alwan, Laila Abdul Hussein Formulation & Evaluation of Transdermal Polymeric Microneedles Patches for Meloxicam ======= ========= 2021 MS.C Pharmaceutics
  Jaleel, Haidar Essam Formulation & In- Vitro Evaluation of Super Porous Hydrogel Composite of Baclofen ====== ========= 2021 MS.C Pharmaceutics
  Sanad, Wisam Gazi Preparation & In-Vitro Evaluation of Bilayer Tablets of NefopamHCl as an Oral Modified Release Dosage Form ======= ========= 2021 MS.C Pharmaceutics
  Talib, Ali Basim Synthesis & Characterization of Biotinylated Carbon Dots Nanoparticales as Targeted Drug Carrier Using 8- Mercaptopurine & Camptothecin as Modeling Drugs ====== ========== 2021 Ph.D Pharmaceutical Chemistry
  Al-Tameemi, Zahraa Salam Kadhim Phytochemical Investigation of Eucalyptus Camaldulensis Dehnh. (Family :Myrtaceae) Cultivated in Iraq ====== ======== 2021 MS.C Pharmacognosy 
  Abdul Abbas , Farah Abdul Kareem Phytochemical Investigation of Euphorbia Tirucalli L. Cultivated in Iraq ====== ========== 2021 MS.C Pharmacognosy 
  Jasim, Omer Yasin Serum Periostin as Potential Diagnostic & Prognostic Marker of Breast Cancer Patients : A Comparative Study with CA 15-3 ====== ========== 2021 MS.C Clinical Chemistry
  Drais, Hayder Kadhim Study of Lipid Polymer Hybrid Nanocarriers : Formulation, Characterization & Ex-Vivo Evaluation Using of Felodipine as Model Drug ======= ========= 2021 Ph.D Pharmaceutics
  Salih, Suhaib Sabih Effects of Single Dose of Vitamin D3 Adminiserred with each of Diclofenac Or Meloxicam on Rats’ Kidney ====== ========= 2021 MS.C Pharmacology & Toxicology
  Abdul-Jabbar, Maha Amer Medical Adherence & Health Literacy Among Patients on Hemodialysis & Theie Associations ======= ========= 2021 MS.C Clinical Pharmacy
  Hameed, Susan Tofiq   Using Phone Calls to Promote Community Pharmacist Counselling for Diabetic & Hypertensive Patients in Baghdad Province ======= ========= 2021 MS.C Clinical Pharmacy 
  Kadhim, Najah Hamza Serum Levels of PREX Proteins & Their Potential Association with Insulin Resistance & Lipid Profile in Obese Iraqi Subjects ======= ========= 2022 MS. C Clinical Biochemistry
  Raheem, Ayam Ayad Formulation & In Vitro Evaluation of Domperdione Solid Dispersion as Sublingual Tablet ======= ========== 2022 MS.C Pharmaceutics
  Jewelee, Hind Mohammed Isolatin of Some Phytochemical Compounds from Osteospermum Ecklonis Cultivated in Iraq & Assessment of its Antileishmaial Activity  ======= ========== 2022 MS.C Pharmacognosy
  Habeeb, Duaa Mohammed Identifying Possible Predicting Factors for COVID-19 Severity & Outcome Among A Sample of Iraqi Inpatients ======= ========= 2022 MS.C Clinical Pharmacy
  Fairooz, Amal Jawad Therapeutic Effect of Vitamin E 800 IU & Lifestyle Modifications on a Sample of Iraqi Patients with Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease ======= ========= 2022 MS.C Clinical Pharmacy
  AL-Jabban, Firas Sattar Gheny Phytochemical Investigation of Medicago Sativa (F: Fabaceae0Native in Iraq & Comparative Study by Tissue Culture ======= ========== 2022 MS.C Pharmacognosy
  Doghan, Abdul-Aziz Ali Phytochemical Investigation & In Vitro Evaluation of Antioxidant Activity of Chrozophora Tinctoria (F: Euphorbiaceae) Wildly Grown In Iraq ======= ========== 2022 MS.C Pharmacognosy
  Kareem, Nabaa Mohsin Phytochemical Investigation of some Active Compounds of Withania Somnifera (Family: Solanacea) Naturally Grown in Iraq ======= ========== 2022 MS.C Pharmacognosy
  Khamees, Amjed Haseeb Phytochemical Investigation & Assessment of the Possible Anti-Angiogenic Activity of Iraqi Scabiosa Palaestina L. Plant ======= ========== 2022 Ph.D Pharmacognosy
  Kdhim, Zainab Jawad Formulation & Characterization of Glibenclamide Nanoparticales as Oral Film ======= ========= 2022 MS.C Pharmaceutics
  Hadi, Basma Mudhafar Formulation & Characterization of Atorvastatin Calcium Trihydrate- cyclodextrin Inclusion Complex as an Oral Solid Dosage Form ======= ========= 2022 MS.C Pharmaceutics
  Hadi, Amani Shakir Formulation & Characterization of Rizatriptan Benzoate as Intranasal Nanoemulgel ======= ========== 2022 MS.C Pharmaceutics
  Abbas, Ahmed Mudhhafar Formulation & In Vitro Evaluation of Rivaroxaban Tablet by Fused Deposition Modelling 3d Printing Technique ======= ========== 2022 MS.C Pharmaceutics
  Mohammed , Barik S. Posaconazole Nanosponges Hydrogel: Preaparation & Characterization ======= ========== 2022 MS.C Pharmaceutics
  Al-Musawi, Mohammed Zuhair Effect of Pharmacists –Based Educational Program on The Therapeutic Outcomes of Asthmatic Patients in Karbala Teaching Hospital for Children ======= ========== 2022 MS.C Clinical Pharmacy
  Abbas, Rafid Abdul R. Formulation and in-vitro Characterization of

Darifenacin Hydrobromide Polymeric

Nanoparticles as Oral Film

======= ========== 2022 MS.C Pharmaceutics
  Saleh, Shireen Nadhem Synthesis & Preliminary Pharmacological Evaluation of New Chalcones- Thiazolidinone Conjugates ======= ========= 2022 MS.C Pharmaceutical Chemistry
  Moutlk, Ahmed Mohammed Synthesis, Characterrization & Preliminary Antimicrobial Evaluation of New Sulfamethoxazole Derivatives Containing 2-Azetidinone Ring ====== ========= 2022 MS.C Pharmaceutical Chemistry
  Ashoor, Jamal Ali Preparation , In Vitro & EX-Vivo Evaluation of Methotrexate Mucoadhesive Nanoemulsion _ Based Gel for Cervical Cancer Therapy ======= ========== 2022 Ph.D Pharmaceutics
  Ismail, Wassan Fadhel Synthesis of New Isatin -3- Propane Hydrazone Derivatives with Expected Anti –Inflammatory & Anti- Microbial Activeties ======= ========== 2022 MS.C Pharmaceutical Chemistry
  Al-Qubbanchi, Fatimah B. Hasan Determining The Most Cost- Effective Regimen for Hositalized Patients with COVID-19 ======= ========== 2022 MS. C Clinical Pharmacy
  Younis, Zeinab Ghanim Synthesis, Characterization & Antimicrobial & Anti- Inflammatory Evaluation of New Pyrazolines Derivatives ======= ========== 2022 MS.C Pharmaceutical Chemistry
  Aziz, Ghaith Mohammed Formulation & In-Vitro Evaluation of Candesartan Cilexetil _ Cyclodextrin Inclusion Complex as Tablet Dosage Form ======= ========= 2022 MS.C Pharmaceutics
  Al-Saffar, Haidar Khudhur Dhahir The Possible Protective Effect of Cinnamic Acid in Ovalbumin-Induced Asthma in Mice ======= ========= 2022 MS.C Pharmacology & Toxicology
  Nashat, Bakr Islam Preparation & In Vitro Evaluation of Leflunomide as Transdermal Nanoemulation –Based Gel ======= ======== 2022 MS.C Pharmaceutics
  Jawad, Mohammad S. Preparation & Characterization of Intranasal Muucoadhesive Loaded Nanostructured Lipid Carrier of Rizatriptan Benzoate ======= ========== 2022 Ph.D Pharmaceutics
  Kammas, Zainab Dhia Synthesis, Characterization & Preliminary Anti-Microbial & Anti –Inflammatory Evaluation of New Ibuprofen Hydrazide Derivatives ======= ========= 2022 MS.C Pharmaceutical Chemistry
  Ibrahim, Nabaa Mohammed Phytochemical Investigation & Cytotoxic Study of Different Parts of Rhus Coriaria L. Cultivated in Iraq ======= ========= 2022 Ph.D Pharmacognosy
  Abdulhussein, Ali Jabbar Evaluation the Possible Effects of Different Fractions of Iraqi Cressa Cretica L. On Polycystic Syndrome in Female Rats : In Vivo Study ======= ========= 2022 Ph.D Pharmacology & Toxicology
  Abdulkhaleq, Zainab Mohammed Molecular Docking , Synthesis , Charecterization & Prelimiary Cytotoxic Evaluation of New 1,3,4-Thiadiazole Derivatives ====== ========= 2022 Ph.D Pharmaceutical Chemistry
  Hussein , Rasha Abdulateef A. Effect of Simvastatin , Fish Oil Omega-3 & Their Combination on Thermogenic & Autophagic Genes Within Adipose Tissue of Obese Rats induced by High fat Diet (HFD) ======= ========== 2022 Ph.D Pharmacology & Toxicology
  Mohammed, SAmer Emad Study of Association Between Tumer Necrosis Factor-Alpha Gene Polymorphism & Response to Etanercept in a Sample of Iraqi Patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis ====== ======== 2022 Ph.D Clinical Pharmacy
  Gameel, Murooj Ghazi Association RAGE Gene Polymorphism & Some Inflammatory Markers in Iraqi Postmenopausal Women with Osteoporosis & Osteopenia ======= ========== 2022 Ph.D Clinical Biochemistry
  Ramadhan, Ammar Abdljabbar Possible Effect of Petroleum Ether Fraction of Ammi Majus Seeds Extract on Imiquimod- Induced Psoriasis-Like Inflammation in Male Mice ======= ========= 2022 MS.C Pharmacology & Toxicology
  Jabber, Mohammed Mohsin Synthesis , Characterization & Antimicrbial Evaluation of New Ibuprofen Derivatives ======= ========== 2022 MS.C Pharmaceutical Chemistry
  Michael, Ehab Mudher Design & Evaluation of A Newly Innovated Electronic Mobile Application to Assist Community Pharmaceutics in The Management of Diarrhea ======= ========== 2022 Ph.D Clinical Pharmacy
  Hussein, Hayder Hussein Alwan Preparation & Evaluation of Topical Butenafine Hydrochloride Nanosponage ======= ========= 2022 MS.C Pharmaceutics
  Zakri, Noor Mohammed Effects of Pyridoxine & Cyanocobalamin each Alone & In Combination on Methotraxate Induced Nephrotoxocity in Rats ======= ========== 2022 Ph.D Pharmacology & Toxicology
` Salman, Omar Dawood Study of Interleukin-10 Gene Polymorphisms & Expression in Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus Iraqi Patients in Relation with Toxoplasmosis ======= ========== 2022 Ph.D. Clinical Chemistry
  Hantoush, Ali Majeed Design , Molecular Docking, Synthesis, Antimicrobial & Antioxidant Studies of Some New 1,2,3,4- Teterahydropyrmidine Silver Nano_Practicale Derivatives  ======= ========= 2022 Ph.D Pharmaceutical Chemistry
  Al-Doori, Omer Saleh Sadiem Study of Receptor of Advanced Glycated End Products ( RAGE) Gene Polymorphism & The Potential Application of Serum Levels of Circulatory Soluble Receptor of Advanced Glycated End Products (sRAGE) & Human High Mobility Group Box-1(HMGB1) Among Iraqi Colorectal Cancer Patient ======= ========== 2022 Ph.D Clinical Chemistry
  Falhi, Jumana Mohmmed Formulation & Evaluation Of Clotrimazole Vaginal Foam ======= ========== 2022 MS.C Pharmaceutics
  Abdul Abbas, Ahmed A. Preparation & In-Vitro /In –Vivo Evaluation of 6-Mercaptopurine Electrospun Nanofibers as Capsule Dosage form ======= ========== 2022 Ph.D Pharmaceutics
  Khaleel, Raghad Abdulsalam Possible Ameliorating Effect of Both Oral & Topical Paquinimod on Imiquimod Induced Psoriasis Like Inflamation in Rat Mice ======= ======== 2022 Ph.D Pharmacology & Toxicology
  Abbas, Reyadh Jassem Comparative Study between Ferric Cittrate & Calcium Carbonate as Phosphate Binders in Terms of Effectiveness, Side Effects & Adherence in a Sample of Iraqi Patients on Hemodialysis ======= ========== 2022 Ph.D Clinical Pharmacy
  Oleiwi Mohammed Abdulameer Synthesis , Cytotoxicology & Molecular Docking Study of New Quinazolinone Derivatives ======= ========= 2022 Ph.D Pharmaceutical Chemistry
  Ali, Hajer Shaheed Ebastine Polymeric Nanoparticales Loaded Oral Jelly: Preparation & Characterization ======= ========= 2022 MS.C Pharmaceutics
  Abbas, Hawra Kadhim Assessment the Beliefs about Medication Related Burden Among a Sample of Iraqi Patients with Systemic Lupus Erthematosus & Their Relation with Disease Activity ======= ========== 2022 MS.C Clinical Pharmacy
  Khalid, Shahad Sabah Association of Serum Homocysteine Levels with some Cardiovascular Biomarkers in Iraqi COVID-19 Patients ======= ========== 2022 MS.C Clinical Chemistry
  Abd, Hayder Abdulilah Serum Alppha1-Antitrypsin Level in Severe Non-Vaccinated Iraqi Covid-19 Patients & Its Association with Some Inflammatory Biomarkers ======= ========== 2022 MS.C Clinical Chemistry
  Hussein, Zahraa Kareem Formulation & Evaluation of Solid Dispersion –Based Pediatric Chewable Jelly of Risperidone ======= =========== 2022 MS.C Pharmaceutics
  Hasan, Hayder Taher  

 Phytochemical Investigation of Solidago canadensis L. Cultivated In Iraq, and Preliminary Cytotoxic and Antiviral (H1N1 and COVID-19) Studies

======= ========== 2022 Ph.D Pharmacognosy
  Shareef, Noor Mohammed Phytochemical Investigation & Cytotoxic Study of Different Parts of Hyacinthus Orientalis L. Cultivated in Iraq   ======= ========= 2022 MS.C Pharmacognosy
  Shah, Sherine Majeed Study of Phytochemical Constituents of Agave Attenution ( Family : Asparagaceae) Cultivated in Iraq & Evaluation of it’s Antileshmanial Activity ======= ========== 2022 MS.C Pharmacognosy
  Al-Baaj, Azal Satar Phytochemical Investigation of Leucaena Leucocephala ( Family : Leguminosae) Cultivated in Iraq & Evaluation of Its Anti- Inflammatory Activity in Rats Models ====== ========= 2022 MS.C Pharmacognosy
  Assad, Sakar Dilshad Phytochemical Investigation & Assessment of Wound Healing Effect of Origanum Majorana L. Cultivated in Iraq ===== ========== 2022 MS.C Pharmacognosy
  Hachem,Mohammed Majeed Formulation & Characterization of Rivaroxaban Lyophilized Nanoparticles as Oral Dosage Form ===== ========= 2022 MS.C Pharmaceutics
  Khrabit, Mohammed Raheem Phytochemical Investigation of Cycas Revoluta ( F: Cycadaceae) Cultivated in Iraq & Evaluation of Its Cytotoxic Activity ===== ========== 2022 MS.C Pharmacognosy
  Hussien, Murtadha Saleh Phytochemical Investigation of Iraqi Lactuca Serriola L. (FamilyAsteraceae) & Evaluation of It’s Cytotoxic Activity ====== ========== 2022 MS.C Pharmacognosy
  Ghadhban, Sura Basim Phytochemical Investigation & Evaluation of the Cytotoxic Activity of Carica Papaya L. “Caricaceae”Cultivated in Iraq ====== ========== 2022 MS.C Pharmacognosy
  Gadhi, Maha Hassan Serum Level of Angiopioetin-2, Leucine Rich Alpha-2 Glycoprotien -1,& Elabela in Relation with Renal Function in Iraqi COVID-19 Patients ===== ========= 2022 MS.C Clinical Chemistry

Maysam Ameer


The Possible Protective Effect of Cinnamic acid in ulcerative colitis Induced by Dextran Sodium Sulfate in Male Mice


===== ========== 2022 MS.C Pharmacology
  Mutaib, Shamam Kanaan Phytochemical & Cytotoxic Study of Cassia Glauca Lam.”Fabaceae “  Cultivated in Iraq ===== ========= 2022 MS.C Pharmacognosy
  Madhloom, Rawnaq Jamal Phytochemical Investigation of Cicer Arietinum of Whole Plant Extract Cultivated in Iraq ===== ========= 2022 MS.C Pharmacognosy
  Jawad, Rwnk Kadhim Study of the Association Between Medication –Related Burden & Disease Activity Among a Sample of Iraqi Patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis ===== ========== 2022 MS.C Clinical Pharmacy
  AL-Temimi, Ali Hasan Husain Phytochemical Investigations of Portulacaria Afra Jacq.(Didiereaceae Family) Cultivated in Iraq ===== ========= 2022 MS.C Pharmacognosy
  Sadeq, Hayder Jaafar Preparation, In-Vitro & Ex-Vivo Evaluation of Fenofibrate as a Self-Emulsifying Drug Delivery System with The Assistance of a Mathmatical Model ===== ========== 2022 Ph.D Pharmaceutics
  Kadhim, Sara Asaad Assessment of Serum Levels of Advanced Oxidation Protein Products & Dickkopt-1 & Their Association with Glycemic Control in a Sample of Type2 Diabetic Patients with Retinopathy ===== ========= 2022 MS.C Clinical Pharmacy
  Hawi, Amani Jaabar Effects of Fisetin & Cyclophosphamide Alone or in Comination on Hematological Parameters & Biochemical Markers & Genotoxic Indices in Bone Marrow & Spleen in Male Rats ===== ========= 2022 MS.C Pharmacology
  Abdullrahman, Sumaya Baher Assessment of Some Serum Biomarkers in Sample of Iraqi Patients with Type II Diabetes Mellitus & Their Correlation with Nephropathy ===== ========== 2022 MS.C Clinical Pharmacy
  Abdullah, Iman Obead Effects of Methotraxate & Etanercept Therapy on Bone Biomarkers in Rheumatoid Arthritis Patients ===== ========= 2022 MS.C Clinical Pharmacy
  Challab, Sura Mohammed The Assessment of Knowledge & Effects of Anabolic Androgenic Steroids in a Sample of Iraqi Male Gym Users in Baghdad ===== ========= 2022 MS.C Clinical Pharmacy
  Jabbar, Sarah Sattar Synthesis , Characterization , Insilco Study & Cytotoxic Evaluation of New Coumarin- Oxiazole Derivatives as Potent Histone Deacetylase Inhibitors ===== ========= 2022 Ph.D Pharmaceutical Chemistry
  Abdul_Wahab, Usama Hasan Phytochemical Study ,Preliminary Cytotoxic Evaluation & Molecular Docking of Some Components Present in the Bulib of the Narcissus Jonquilla L. Plant Cultivated in Iraq ===== ========= 2022 Ph.D Pharmacognosy
  Khalid, Khalid Waleed Preparation, In-Vitro & Pre-Clinical Study of Ticagrelor as a Solid Self-Nanoemulsifing Drug Delivery System ===== ========= 2022 Ph.D Pharmaceutics
  Abdulameer, Khalid Abdulhussein The Frequency of Some Tumer Necrosis Factor Gene Polymorphisms & Their Association Whit the Severity & Susceptibility to Rheumatoid Arthritis in Iraqi Patients ===== ========= 2022 Ph.D Clinical Chemistry
  Al-Mahmood, Asia Abed Ahmed Formulation & Characterization of Cefdinir as Nanoparticales – Based Bilayer Tablet Dosage Form ===== ========== 2022 Ph.D Pharmaceutics
  Mehihi, Abbas Abdulridha Synthesis , Docking Studies & Preliminary Cytotoxic Evaluation of New Tolfenamic Acid Derivatives ===== ========== 2022 Ph.D Pharmaceutical Chemistry
  Mohammed, Ihsan Ali Formulation , In Vitro & In Vivo Evaluation of Roosuvastatin Calcium as Nanofibers ===== ========= 2022 Ph.D Pharmaceutics
  Shareef, Saja Majeed The Possible Protective Effect of L- Carvone & Gentiopicroside on Lipopolysacharide- Induced Acute Kidney Injury in Mice ===== ========== 2022 Ph.D Pharmacology
  Al-tameemi, Kamil Kareem Atiyah Preparation & Evaluation of Nanoparticles Incorporated in to Microneedle Site Specific for Breast Using Anastrozole as a Model Drug ===== ========= 2022 Ph.D Pharmaceutics
  Al-Zubidy, Zainab Thabit Preparation and Characterization of Ganciclovir as Nanostructure

Lipid Carrier for Ophthalmic Dosage Form

===== ========== 2022 Ph.D Pharmaceutics
  Khalil, Alaa Mohammed  Phytochemical investigation and assessment of anti cancer activity of bombax ceiba plant cultivated in Iraq. ===== ========== 2022 Ph.D Pharmacognosy
  Noor, Ala’a Dheia Formulation , Characterization , & Ex Vivo Permeation Study of Tolmetin as Transdermal Niosomal ===== ========== 2022 Ph.D Pharmaceutics
  Mahde, Basam Wafaa Study of Formulation Variables Related to Preparation of Lipid_Polymer Hybrid Nanopracticales Incorporated in Dissolvable Transdermal Microneedle Using Rasagiline Mesylate as a Model Drug ===== ========== 2022 Ph.D Pharmaceutics
  Muhsen, Rwaieda Adil Preparation & Characterization of Olmesartan Medoxomil Nanoparticles as Oral Film ===== ========== 2022 MS.C Pharmaceutics
  Mohammed, Baidaa Ibrahim Possible Protective Effects of Cranberry (Vaccinium Macrocarpon) Fruit Extract on Cisplatin- Induced Renal & Bone Marrow Toxicity in Experimental Male Mice ===== ========== 2022 MS.C Pharmacology& Toxicology
  Al-abdly, Ammar Abdulmajeed Ahmed Formulation & In –Vitro Characterization of Nefopam Hydrocholride as In-Situ Nasal Gel


===== ========= 2022 MS.C Pharmaceutics
  Zamil, Alaa Hasson The Prevalence of Metabolic Syndrome Among University Studenats in Wasit/ Iraq ===== ========== 2022 MS.C Clinical Chemistry
  Khalaf,Rasha Abdulridh Phytochemical Investigation of Euonymus Japonicus ( Family : Celastraceae) Cultivated in Iraq & Evaluation of its Antioxidant & Antimicrobial Activities  ===== ========== 2022 MS.C Pharmacognosy
  Mohammed, Sara Jafer Comparative Study of the Effect of First & Second Generation of Anti epileptic Drugs on the Development of Bone Disorders in Iraqi Epilepsy ===== ========== 2022 MS.C Clinical Chemistry
  Noori, Aymen Jamal Medication-Related Burden among a Sample of Iraqi Patients with

Diabetes Mellitus and its Relation with Diabetic Control


===== ========== 2022 MS.C Clinical Pharmacy
  Mahmood, Shurrouq Hussam The Possible Protective Effect of Omega-7 on Cisplatin- Induced Nephrotoxicity in a Rat Model ===== ========== 2022 MS.C Pharmacology& Toxicology

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