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as an Oral Dosage Form
Ashwaq Najjem ElldinEvaluation of Oxidative Stress Indicators in Iymphocytes of Patients with Alopecia Areata!ERROR! unexpected operator '='Ph.D. Clinical Pharmacy
Dhia'a JabbarAssessment of Iraq Pharmacist Patients Relationship to Measure Aptient Compliance!ERROR! unexpected operator '='MSc. Clinical Pharmacy
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Salam MohammedStudying the Possibility of the In Vitro Evaluation of Drug as a Guide for In Vitro Availability of the Drug with Development of a new HPLC Condition For Analysis2005MS.c. Pharmaceutics
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Saif HikmetFormulation of Dil Tiazen Hydrochloride as a Bilayer Mucoadhesive Sustained Release Tablets2005MS.c. Pharmaceutics
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Omer Ahmed AbbasScreening of Bergaten & Xanthotoxin from Fruits of some Cultivated Plants in Iraq!ERROR! unexpected operator '='MS.c Pharmacognosy
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Intesar Tarik NumanEvaluation of the Clinical use of Silymarin in in Knee Osteeoarthritis: Application of the Dual Inhibitory Concept of Cyclooxyganase & 5-Lipoxygenenase!ERROR! unexpected operator '='MS.c. Pharmacology
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Al-Rubaye, Imad MuneebSynthesis of New Cephalthin Derivatives!ERROR! unexpected operator '='Ms.c Pharmaceutical Chemistry
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Amin, Muath Sheet MohammedStuding the Relese Profile of Ropinirole & 5-FU Prepared by Controleed Prosity Osmotic System as a Colon Targeting!ERROR! unexpected operator '='Ph.D Pharmaceutics
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